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PowerDrive 1500 Owner's Manual

1500 watt dc to ac power inverter
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Owner's Guide
Please Save for Future Reference
1500 Watt
DC to AC
Power Inverter



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  Summary of Contents for PowerDrive 1500

  • Page 1 Owner’s Guide Please Save for Future Reference 1500 Watt 1500 DC to AC Power Inverter...
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing the POWERDRIVE1500 power inverter, a high performance solution to using household power while on the road. Please read and understand all of the information provided in this manual before operating or installing. If properly used, the inverter will give you years of reliable service providing AC power for TVs, computers, appliances, stereos and power tools.
  • Page 3 CAUTION DO NOT connect the RPPD1500 to live AC power circuits. Damage to the inverter will result even if the power switch is in the OFF position. DO NOT connect any AC device which has its neutral conductor connected to ground. DO NOT expose the RPPD1500 to air temperatures in excess of 104°F.
  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTALLATION: Selecting a suitable location The RPPD1500 must be installed in an area that meets the following requirements in order to operate safely and provide optimum performance: 1. DRY: DO NOT expose the unit to moisture. 2. COOL: Ambient air temperature should be between 32°F and 104°F. Cooler areas are best.
  • Page 5: Connect The Power Cables To The Inverter

    Connect the Power Cables to the Inverter: Connect cable to the Power Input Terminals on input end of the inverter. The red terminal is positive (+) and the black terminal is negative (-). Unscrew the terminal on the inverter and install the appropriate color (black to black and red to red) ring-terminal of the cables and tighten the screws to clamp the wires securely.
  • Page 6: Short Circuit Protection

    position, but no power is being supplied to a load, the inverter draws less than ½ amp from the battery. This is low current draw. It would take more than a week to discharge a 100 ampere hour battery at this rate depending on the age of the battery.
  • Page 7: High Voltage Protection

    Operating Limits Power Output The inverter can deliver 1500 watts for about 60 minutes. The inverter must cool for 15 minutes before it can resume operation at 1500 watts. NOTE: The wattage rating applies to resistive loads. The inverter will operate most AC loads within its power rating.
  • Page 8 expect an operating time of 2 to 3 hours. It is recommended that you start your vehicle once an hour when using the RPPD1500 for extended periods of time to prevent draining the battery. WARNING : To prevent personal injury or loss of life, never start or leave your engine running in a poorly ventilated area such as a garage.
  • Page 9: Specifications

    DC Input Voltage ........10~15-Volts DC Continuous AC Power Output ......1500 Watts USB Output .
  • Page 11 This Limited One Year Warranty from POWERDRIVE, a DAS brand, applies to all electronic products and devices manufactured by DAS Distributors and sold under the brand name POWERDRIVE. Terms of the Warranty POWERDRIVE warrants that the product you have purchased from a DAS authorized retailer is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.
  • Page 12 1875 Zeager Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 © POWERDRIVE...

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