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Short Circuit Protection; Operating Indicators; Low Voltage Protection - PowerDrive 1500 Owner's Manual

1500 watt dc to ac power inverter.
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position, but no power is being supplied to a load, the inverter draws less
than ½ amp from the battery. This is low current draw. It would take more than
a week to discharge a 100 ampere hour battery at this rate depending on the
age of the battery. For safety disconnect the RPPD1500 from the battery
when not in use.
Input Voltage
Output Wattage
Output Kilowatts

Operating Indicators

Indicators on the output end of the unit show the inverters power status and
alarms for conditions that could cause it to shut down.
When the inverter power is on, the voltage input and power output indicators,
automatically toggle between input and output values at three-second
intervals. The three LEDs indicate the mode the meter is in and the three
digits indicate the voltage or power value.
NOTE: Once the inverter power output value has exceeded 999 watts, the
display will indicate kilowatts. Example: 1.25 kilowatts = 1250 watts.
Current Overload Protection
If the inverter is overloaded, it will shut down to protect itself. The meter will
flash (OLP) to indicate Overload Protect.
To restore normal operation,
disconnect the excessive load and turn the unit off and on again using the
Power Button.

Short Circuit Protection

If the AC output of the inverter is short circuited for one second or more,
it will shut down to protect itself. The meter will flash (OPP) to indicate Short
Circuit Protect and an alarm will sound.
To restore normal operation,
disconnect the short circuit and turn the unit Off and On again using the
Power Button.

Low Voltage Protection

If the DC input voltage drops below the alarm threshold of 10.5V the meter will
flash (LUP) to indicate Low Voltage Protection, but the unit will continue to
operate. If the input voltage drops to 10.0V or less, the inverter will shut down
to protect itself, the meter will continue to flash (LUP), and an alarm will
sound. To restore normal operation, return the DC input voltage to at least
12V. The inverter will automatically return to normal operation.


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  • Brian Whittlesey Oct 28, 2019 10:55:
    Same problem as Nicholas Alonso. He didn't get an answer. Thus, I doubt I will.
  • Nicolas Alonso Aug 19, 2019 12:32:
    I have a powerdrive 1500 inverter, since yesterday it stopped working and when I turn it on it says S01, then 14.0V with a green LED and then it puts 0V with a red LED and it changes for 14V and then 0V and so on. I checked all the connection​s and everything is fine, the battery has 13.8V, but still not working.
    M​y email is nicoamorei​ra10@gmail​.com
  • Laurie hover Jun 16, 2019 08:19:
    I have a 1500 powerdrive inverter it all of the sudden constantly beeps and is showing the code lup please help what is wrong with this thing.
  • Derek Mar 30, 2018 08:16:
    Is there any fuse outside? No power
  • Harold Feb 26, 2018 05:08:
    Had inveterate stored went to use opp or shot code came up opened unit disconnect​ed lead wires to the 110 power outlets still will not reset. Is there a tec department for this company ? Is there a phone number?