Operating Instructions - Whirlpool AGB 595/WP Instructions For Installation, Use And Maintenance Manual

Gas fryers
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Construction, equipment installed
and safety devices
Robust steel frame, with 4 legs (adjustable in hei-
18/10 chrome-nickel steel outer panelling and tanks.
The oil is heated by burners in stainless steel (2 per
tank), built to withstand thermomechanical stress.
The pilot burner has has adjustable injectors.
The combustion chamber and flues are made of
electro-galvanised steel sheeting.
The temperature is set through a thermostat, which
controls the ignition and extinguishing of the bur-
T h e f r y t o p s a r e f i t t e d w i t h a s a f e t y t h e r m o s t a t ;
should the temperature of the oil exceed the safety
limit, the gas is automatically cut off.
Activation of the safety thermostat means the ap-
pliance is not working properly; before using the
appliance again, call the service centre to carry
out a careful check of all functions.
The appliance should be installed in a well ventila-
ted room, and if possible under a range hood.
The appliance can be installed on its own or alongsi-
de other equipment.
If the appliance is to be installed near inflammable
walls, a minimum distance of 50 mm. around the si-
des and back should be allowed.
Place table-top appliances on a table or shelf in fla-
me-proof material.
Before connecting up the appliance to the gas sup-
ply, check on the data plate that the appliance is fit-
ted for the type of gas available.
If not, consult paragraph "Running the appliance on
other types of gas", page 8.
049 - 03 - Gas fryers


W h e n
i n s t a l l i n g
AGB 596/ WP models, make sure that the front
edge of the appliance is at a maximum distance
of 100 mm from that of the supporting surface.
Legal and technical requisites
During assembly, the following legal and technical
requisites should be adhered to:
- relevant national legislation;
- local building and fire safety regulations;
- worksheet "Technical rules for installing gas";
- worksheet "Technical rules for LP gas";
- worksheet "Gas installations in industrial kit-
- industrial injury legislation;
- local Gas Board regulations;
- current CEI regulations.
Assembly, installation and maintenance, i.e.: as-
sembly, connecting the gas supply, checking power
rating, transforming or adapting the appliance to
run on other types of gas, and commissioning, must
all be done by contractors authorised by the local
Gas Board in accordance with local and national le-
Before doing anything else, seek advice from your
Gas Board.
t h e
5 9 5 / W P
MAX 100 mm
a n d


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