Turning Off In An Emergency - Whirlpool AGB 595/WP Instructions For Installation, Use And Maintenance Manual

Gas fryers
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Floor-standing version
Check that the standard container is available for
emptying procedure. The container should be pla-
ced correctly on the proper guides and fully inser-
It is advisable to filter frying oil and fat daily and to
change completely when necessary.
Open the drainage tap; when the tank is empty, clo-
se the tap before removing the container.

Turning off in an emergency

In the case of malfunctioning, turn off the appliance
as described in paragraph "Turning on and off" and
turn off the gas supply", page 11.
What to do in the case of malfunc-
tioning or if the appliance is not to
be used for a long period
When the appliance is not to be used for a long time,
clean thoroughly and turn off the gas supply.
In the case of malfunctioning or failure, turn off the
gas supply and disconnect from the mains.
Call the service centre.
049 - 03 - Gas fryers
Never clean the appliance with jets of water,
whether direct or pressurised.
Allow the machine to cool down before cleaning
Giving the appliance a thorough clean every day
(after turning it off) will keep it in perfect working or-
der and make it last longer.
All steel parts should be cleaned with water and a
detergent, using a damp cloth; do not use abrasive
substances or corroding detergents.
Do not use steel wool, which could leave traces of
For the same reason, avoid touching the appliance
with anything made of iron.
Do not clean any parts of the appliance other than
the grilling plate with emery or sandpaper. If abso-
lutely necessary, you may use powdered pumice
If the appliance is extremely dirty, use a synthetic
sponge such as Scotchbrite.
After cleaning the appliance, rinse with clean water
and dry with a clean cloth.
To make cleaning easier the basket support may be
To do this, loosen the fixing screws. After cleaning,
make sure the device is replaced correctly.
All maintenance work must be carried out by quali-
fied personnel only.
Have the appliance checked at least once a year;
we strongly recommend that you stipulate a servi-
cing and maintenance contract with your supplier.


Table of Contents

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