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Frequently Asked Questions - Honeywell RTH9580 User Manual

Wi-fi series, wi-fi, colour touchscreen, programmable, thermostat
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Frequently asked questions

Q Will my thermostat still work if I lose my Wi-Fi connection?
: A Yes, the thermostat will operate your heating and/or cooling system with or without
Q How do I find the password to my router?
: A Contact the manufacturer of the router or check the router documentation.
Q Why isn't my thermostat connecting to my Wi-Fi router even though it is very
close to the thermostat?
: A Verify that the password entered for the Wi-Fi router is correct.
Q My thermostat is unable to register to the Total Connect Comfort website.
: A Verify that the thermostat is correctly enrolled on your home Wi-Fi network. At
Menu > Wi-Fi Setup, check for the Wi-Fi signal strength icon. Verify that the Wi-Fi
router has a good internet connection. On your computer, verify that you can open
the site at If you cannot open the site, switch off the
internet modem for a few seconds, then power it back on.
Q I registered on the Total Connect Comfort website but was unable to login
using my new account.
: A Check your email and ensure that you received an activation email. Follow the
instructions to activate your account and then login to the website.
Q I have signed up on Total Connect Comfort website and have not received a
confirmation email.
: A Check for the email in your Junk or Deleted folder.
Q Is there a way to extend the signal strength?
: A Most standard routers can be set up to be a repeater. You can also purchase and
install a Wi-Fi repeater.
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