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Use; Trouble Shooting; Cleaning; Service/Maintenance - Swegon WISE Parasol EX 690 Instructions For Use Manual

Energy-saving, suspended comfort module for swegons wise system for demand-controlled ventilation
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Use TuneWISE for commissioning. Commissioning must
be performed by qualified and trained WISE service
Use SuperWISE for settings, reading alarms, etc. refer to
the documentation for SuperWISE II / SuperWISE II SC.

Trouble shooting

The product is not shown in the system:
• Make sure that the product is energized. (e.g. diode)
• Make sure that the product is paired.
• Make sure the product is in the right network.
The product shows incorrect/no air flow/pressure
• Make sure that the product is installed according to the
recommended distance.
• Check that there is air flow/pressure.
• Check that the measuring tube is mounted correctly.
• Check that the measuring tube is undamaged.
The product does not regulate the air flow/pressure
• Check that the motor has not become detached from
the damper spindle.
• Check that the motor works by turning the motor's
release button, turn the damper spindle, release the
knob and then see whether the motor starts to move.
The product shows incorrect/no temperature
• Make sure the temperature sensor is not missing.
• Make sure that the temperature sensor does not hang
outside the product.
• Check that the temperature sensor is connected to the
right input.
The product shows incorrect/no VOC/CO2
• Make sure the VOC/CO2 sensor (WISE SMA) is not
• Check that the VOC/CO2 sensor is connected to the
right input.


Ideally the product should be cleaned twice a year by
vacuuming the coil to remove loose dust. In fibre dense
environments a more frequent interval is recommended.
A simple visual inspection of connections is recommended
when cleaning.
Avoid aggressive cleaning agents which may harm
painted surfaces. Normally a mild soap or alcohol solution
is fully adequate for cleaning. See also the maintenance
section in this instructions for use.
Cleaning of electrical components
• If needed, use a dry cloth to clean the components.
• Never use water, detergent and cleaning solvent or a
vacuum cleaner.


• The product does not require any maintenance.
• In connection with a service, mandatory ventilation
inspection or cleaning of the ventilation system, check
that the general condition of the products looks ok.
Pay particular attention to the suspension, cables and
that they sit firmly in place.
• It is not permissible to open or repair electrical compo-
• If you suspect that the product or a component is
defective, please contact Swegon.
• A defective product or component must be replaced by
an original spare part from Swegon.

Materials and surface treatment

Sheet parts are made of galvanised sheet steel (Z275) and
pre-painted sheet SS-EN 10143+10346 - DX52D + ZA95,
NCS S 0500-N gloss 30+/-6%.


Waste must be handled according to local regulations.

Product warranty

The product warranty or service agreement will not be in
effect/will not be extended if: (1) The product is repaired,
modified or changed, unless such repair, modification
or change has been approved by Swegon AB; or (2) the
serial number on the product has been made illegible or
is missing.
Swegon reserves the right to alter specifications.
WISE Parasol EX



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