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Making A Call; Receiving A Call; Phone Lock; Keypad Lock - Haier C1100 SKYLINK User Manual

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Qingdao Haier Telecom Co. Ltd.

Making a call

1. Dialing
Select a desired entry from the names list or directly type in the phone number in idle
mode, then press
2. Making an international call
Press double times the * key until "+" appears on screen.
Enter the country code, area code (without prefix zero) and phone number.
key to dial.
3. Ending a call
key to end a call.

Receiving a call

1. Press
key or any key (need setting) to answer the call.
Or press
[Silence] key once to close incoming ringer, then press
key again to receive the incoming call.
2. Press
[Ignore] key or

Phone Lock

The phone lock code is used to protect your phone from unauthorized use.
It can be set automatically to lock your phone each time it is switched on or when in idle
mode. In this condition, you can only dial emergency call.
Emergency call number is:
When phone is locked, to unlock user must enter the preset security code (The default
code is 0000).

Keypad lock

The keypad lock can prevent you from accidental calls.
If the keypad is locked, it unlocks when you receive a call. After the call, the lock
automatically gets locked again.
When the keypad is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency number
programmed in your phone.
Press Disabel and then press * to unlock the keypad.
key to dial.
key to reject the incoming call.
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