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KitchenAid KXD4630YSS0 Technical Education page 12

Jenn-air;unbranded. downdraft vent hood wiring diagram theory of operation


As soon as the plenum rises to it fully open position, the Plenum UP Limit switch will change position
and open the circuit to the motor. The only time we need the exhaust blower motor to run is when the
plenum is fully open.
So as the "Up Plenum limit switch" opens the circuit stops the plenum drive motor, the exhaust
blower motor switch closes and starts to pull smoke and odors from the cooktop. (This is where the
mechanically connected switches operate together).
The Exhaust Blower Motor Switch is mounted on top of the Up plenum limit switch and they are both
activated at the exact same time (plenum switch opens and exhaust motor switches closes). Once
the cycle is complete, the user again presses the pushbutton to start too complete a circuit through
the plenum drive motor, which begins to turn and close the UP LIMIT switch and eventually close the
As the plenum UP limit switch is activated to close and complete a circuit to the motor, the exhaust
blower motor switch opens and stops the exhaust motor circuit.
DownDraft Vent Hood