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KitchenAid KXD4630YSS0 Technical Education page 11

Jenn-air;unbranded. downdraft vent hood wiring diagram theory of operation


The other thing that is important is what happens when the Pushbutton is pressed. A complete 120
VAC circuit is created through the two filter switches, the pushbutton (as it is being held down by the
operator), and the motor to the neutral side of the line.
As you notice with this circuit, until the Plenum DOWN Limit switch is closed the only power to the
motor is through the pushbutton switch. Once that pushbutton is released, the motor stops. So why is
it so important to hold the pushbutton switch down for 2-3 seconds?
As the motor starts, it begins to turn a cam located on the motor shaft. As this cam turns it takes about
2-3 seconds to contact the Plenum Down limit switch which in turn closes the switch contacts and sets
up a complete circuit through the two filter switches and the two plenum limit switches. Now when the
pushbutton is released an alternate circuit through the motor is set up and the plenum starts to rise.
Here is the operating circuit once the pushbutton is released. At this point the plenum motor is
powered through the FILTER SWITCHES and the PLENUM LIMIT SWITCHES and continues to raise the
As soon as the plenum reaches its upper limit the Plenum UP Limit switch opens and disconnects
power to the plenum motor circuit.
Downdraft Vent Hood