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Maintenance - Sanyo DC D30 Instruction Manual

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Cleaning the decks A and B heads
Cotton swab
To ensure playback and recording with good-quality sound, use cotton
swab to clean the heads, pinch rollers and capstans of the decks after
about every 10 hours of use.
If the dirt persists, soak the swab in a little methylated spirit or head
cleaning fluid and then clean.
Main unit
Use a soft cloth to remove dirt on the main unit.
If the dirt persists, dip a soft cloth into a diluted solution of neutral
detergent, wring it out, wipe away the dirt, and then take up any moisture
with a dry cloth.
Do not use benzine, thinners or alcohol since they will marthefinish of the
Erase head in DECK B
Record/Play head (Play head in DECK A)