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Nat; Nat Settings; Virtual Server - Asus AAM6X20VI-F1 User Manual

4-port ethernet switch + wi-fi router
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NAT Settings

NAT (Network Address Translation) is a technique in which the
source and/or destination address of IP packets are rewritten as
they pass through a router or firewall. Generally, it is used to
allow several hosts on a private network to access the Internet
using a single public IP address. This screen allows you to
enable or disable NAT.

Virtual Server

Your router has the option to be configured as a virtual server.
The private IP and private port is the LAN IP and port number that
the public port is redirected to. The WAN side will only see the
public port. Depending on the requested service (TCP / UDP port
number), the router will redirect the external service request to the
appropriate server.
ASUS 4-Port Ethernet Switch +
Wi-Fi Router (AAM6X20VI-F1)
User Manual
Version 1.2
Document #: BD-AU0011-12


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