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Mac Filter - Asus AAM6X20VI-F1 User Manual

4-port ethernet switch + wi-fi router
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• ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
• AH (Authentication Header)
• ESP (Encapsulation Security Protocol)
• ALL—all protocols
When a source host sends secure datagrams to a destination
host, it does so with either the AH protocol or with the ESP
protocol. The AH protocol provides source authentication and
data integrity but does not provide secrecy. The ESP protocol
provides data integrity and secrecy.
• Source IP / Destination IP—select from all, single, or subnet
• IP Address-- this is the IP address of the host from where
the packet is coming from and where the packet is going.
• Netmask—this is the subnet mask of the source and
destination of the packet.
• Source Port / Destination Port—enter the port numbers of
the packet's source and destination.
• Enable—click if you want to enable packet filtering.

MAC Filter

To control traffic by using MAC addresses, configurations can be
set as follows—
For MAC Address Control, select disable if you do not want to
filter by MAC addresses at all. Selecting Deny All means that you
will not allow any MAC addresses to enter and Permit All means
that you will let all MAC addresses to enter. The MAC Address
Control List allows you to control certain MAC addresses by
permitting or denying their access.
ASUS 4-Port Ethernet Switch +
Wi-Fi Router (AAM6X20VI-F1)
User Manual
Version 1.2
Document #: BD-AU0011-12


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