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Acer TravelMate 430 Series BQ12 User Manual

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TravelMate 430 Series
User's Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Acer TravelMate 430 Series BQ12

  • Page 1 TravelMate 430 Series User’s Guide Model BQ12...
  • Page 2 Serial number: ___________________________________ Purchase date: ___________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________ Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Incorporated. Other company's product names or trademarks are used herein for identification purposes only and belong to their respective companies.
  • Page 3 Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 4: First Things First

    2 Click on AcerSystem User’s Guide. Note: Viewing the file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. For instructions on how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader, access the Help menu. For more information about our products, services, and support information, please visit our Web site (
  • Page 5: Basic Care And Tips For Using Your Computer

    Basic care and tips for using your computer Turning your computer on and off To turn on the computer, simply press the power button - the leftmost button above the keybaord of your TravelMate. See page 3 for the exact location of the power button. To turn the power off, do any of the following: •...
  • Page 6: Taking Care Of Your Ac Adapter

    • Do not expose the computer to rain or moisture. • Do not spill water or any liquid on the computer. • Do not subject the computer to heavy shock and vibration. • Do not expose the computer to dust and dirt. •...
  • Page 7 Use a soft cloth moistened with water. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. To clean the display screen, use an LCD cleaning kit. If any of the following occurs: • The computer has been dropped or the body has been damaged. •...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    First things first Your guides Basic care and tips for using your computer 1 Getting to know your TravelMate A TravelMate tour Front view Left view Right view Rear view Bottom view Features Indicators Using the keyboard Special keys Touchpad Touchpad basics Storage Hard disk...
  • Page 9 viii BIOS Utility 3 Troubleshooting my computer Frequently-asked questions Requesting service International Traveler’s Warranty (ITW) Before you call Appendix A Specifications Appendix B Notices Index...
  • Page 10: Getting To Know Your Travelmate

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate...
  • Page 11 Your TravelMate computer combines high- performance, versatility, power management features and multimedia capabilities with a unique style and ergonomic design. Work with unmatched productivity and reliability with your new power computing partner.
  • Page 12: A Travelmate Tour

    A TravelMate tour After setting up your computer as illustrated in the Just for Starters... poster, let us show you around your new TravelMate computer. Front view Item Description Display screen Also called LCD (liquid-crystal display), displays computer output. Power Button Turns on the computer power.
  • Page 13 1 Getting to know your TravelMate Item Description Keyboard Inputs data into your computer. Touchpad Touch-sensitive pointing device which functions like a computer mouse. Click buttons (left, The left and right buttons function like the left and right mouse buttons; the center center and right) button serves as a 4-way scroll button.
  • Page 14: Left View

    Note: The positions of the Optical drive indicator, eject button and emergency eject hole may differ depending on the optical drive module installed. Left view Item Description Power jack Connects to an AC adapter. Security keylock Connects to a Kensington-compatible computer security lock.
  • Page 15: Right View

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate Right view Item Description USB port Connects to Universal Serial Bus devices (e.g.,USB mouse, USB camera). Line-in/Mic-in jack Accepts audio line-in devices (e.g., audio CD player, stereo walkman). Selection is through the OS Windows mixer. Speaker/ Connects to audio line-out devices Headphone-out jack...
  • Page 16: Rear View

    Item Description Memory stick slot Accepts memory sticks. SD/MMC slot Accepts SD or MMC cards. Rear view Item Description Expansion port I/O replicator or EasyPort expansion devices. External display Connects to a display device (e.g., external port monitor, LCD projector). Parallel port Connects to a parallel device (e.g., parallel printer).
  • Page 17: Bottom View

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate Bottom view Item Description Battery bay Houses the computer's battery pack. Battery release latch Unlatches the battery to remove the battery pack. Memory Houses the computer's main memory. compartment Cooling fans Helps keep the computer cool. Note: Don't cover or obstruct the opening of the fan.
  • Page 18: Features

    Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many features: Performance • Intel® Desktop P4P CPU with packing mPGA 478 package • PC2100 DDR SDRAM, Maximum memory up 2GB (with two 1024MB SODIMM when available ) • Internal optical drive (swappable with optional drive) •...
  • Page 19 Bluetooth ready (specification varies depending on models) Human-centric design and ergonomics • 4-way scroll button • Sleek, smooth and stylish design • Acer FinTouch full-sized curved keyboard • Ergonomically-centered touchpad pointing device Expansion • One type II CardBus PC Card slots •...
  • Page 20: Indicators

    Indicators The computer has seven easy-to-read status icons below the display screen. Icon Function Description Power Lights green when the computer is on. Flashes when the computer is in low power. Sleep Flashes when the computer is entering Sleep mode. Lights orange when the computer is in Sleep mode.
  • Page 21: Using The Keyboard

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate Using the keyboard The full-sized keyboard includes an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor keys, two Windows keys and twelve function keys. Special keys Lock keys The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off. Lock key Description Caps Lock...
  • Page 22: Embedded Numeric Keypad

    Embedded numeric keypad The embedded numeric keypad functions like a desktop numeric keypad. It is indicated by small characters located on the upper right corner of the keycaps. To simplify the keyboard legend, cursor-control key symbols are not printed on the keys. Desired access Num lock on Num lock off...
  • Page 23: Windows Keys

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate Windows keys The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions. Description Windows logo Start button. Combinations with this key perform shortcut functions. Below are a few examples: + Tab (Activates next taskbar button) + E (Explores My Computer) + F (Finds Document) + M (Minimizes All)
  • Page 24 Hot keys The computer employs hot keys or key combinations to access most of the computer’s controls like screen brightness, volume output. To activate hot keys, press and hold the Fn key before pressing the other key in the hot key combination. Hot key Icon Function...
  • Page 25: Touchpad

    1 Getting to know your TravelMate Hot key Icon Function Description Fn-F5 Display toggle Switches display output between the display screen, external monitor (if connected) and both the display screen and external monitor. Fn-F6 Screen blank Turns the display screen backlight off to save power.