Pulse Width - twisted electrons TherapSid MKII User Manual

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3- Voice Section
Therapsid's 3 voices are laid out across the top half of the control panel. The 3
voice strips are identical in functionality, explained from left to right:
3-1 Waveforms
Each voice each consists of 4 waveforms:
Square,Triangle,Sawtooth and Noise.
Press the corresponding button to enable or disable a waveform (indicated by
Note: Multiple waveforms can be active at the same time.
3-2 Pulsewidth
The pw knob adjusts the duty cycle of the square waveform.
Note: this has no effect on the other waveforms, only square.
3-3 Tune
The tune knob transposes the voice in semitone increments. The tune ranges
from -12 to +12 semitones (2 octaves), indicated by the 7 segment LED display.
Twelve 'o clock knob position is zero.
3-4 Fine
The fine knob fine tunes the voice (+/-1 semitone range)
Twelve 'o clock knob position is center.
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