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twisted electrons TherapKid User Manual

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TherapKid User Manual
May 18th 2019
Thanks for adapting therapKid!



  Summary of Contents for twisted electrons TherapKid

  • Page 1 TherapKid User Manual May 18th 2019 Thanks for adapting therapKid!
  • Page 2: Quick Start

    1 Quick Start In this quick start guide we will explore the functionality of therapkid. First press reset to start with a basic sound. The cutoff knob can be used to manually open and close the low pass filter.
  • Page 3 Let’s assign the cutoff knob to lfo1. -Move the cutoff knob a little so the red digits show its position. -press the bottom left button (lfo1 link). The button will light up indicating that the cutoff knob is now assigned to lfo1. You can now use the lfo depth and rate knobs to change how the filter is modulated.
  • Page 4 1 Playing therapKid TherapKid can be controlled 2 ways: -Hardware MIDI notes on/off Using the included stereo Mini Jack to Din5 Male -Midi USB notes on/off Using the included mini USB cable You can also modulate the parameters with MIDI CC (control change) messages.
  • Page 5: Pulse Width

    2 Voices TherapKid has 2 voices, each consisting of 4 waveforms. Voice1 global tune Use the tune knob alone to set the global tune of voice1. Waveform tuning You can adjust the pitch of each waveform individually. To set the pitch of the waveform hold the waveform button and turn the tune knob.
  • Page 6 Glide Use the glide knob to set the time it takes for the voices to change their pitch. Note: glide is global (applied to both voices) Press the duo button to toggle duo phonic mode on or off. When duo is active, you can play 2 notes simultaneously.
  • Page 7 3 Modulation therapKid can take control of your knobs with its dual LFO. To assign a knob to an LFO simply move a knob and press the LFO1 link or LFO2 link buttons to assign it to LFO1 or LFO2 respectively. The link button will light up indicating that the association has been made.
  • Page 8 4 Filter TherapKid has 5 filter modes: Low Pass, Band Pass, Notch, High Pass and Off Use the filter mode button to change the filter mode. Use the cutoff knob to set the filter cutoff frequency and the res knob to set the filter resonance.
  • Page 9 6 Presets TherapKid has 50 presets that you can customise to your liking. To save the changes you have made simply press both preset up and preset down buttons at once. The LED display will flash to confirm saving. Preset reset If you need a fresh start press reset to load the first...