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Pioneer Elite PRO-1000HDI Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer operating instructions plasma display pro-1000hdi pro-800hdi.
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Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PLASMA DISPLAY PRO-1000HD PRO-800HD Register Your Product on Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions CAUTION: WHEN POSITIONING THIS EQUIPMENT ENSURE THAT THE MAINS PLUG AND SOCKET IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE. WARNING: Handling the cord on this product or cords associated with accessories sold with the product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California and other governmental entities to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ INSTRUCTIONS — All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS — The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. HEED WARNINGS — All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    Address: P.O. BOX 1760, LONG BEACH, CA., 90801-1760 U.S.A. Phone: (800)421-1625 Please do not ship your product to Pioneer without first calling the Customer Support Division at the above listed number for assistance. Pioneer Electronics [USA] Inc. Customer Support Division P.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    This product is marketed assuming that it is installed by qualified personnel with enough skill and competence. Always have an installation specialist or your dealer install and set up the product. PIONEER cannot assume liabilities for damage caused by mistake in installation or mounting, misuse, modification or a natural disaster.
  • Page 6: Before Proceeding

    Before Proceeding How to Use This Manual This manual is set up to follow the course of actions and operations in the order that would seem most logical for someone setting up this unit. Once the unit has been taken out of the box, and it has been confirmed that all the parts have been received, it may be beneficial to look over the section “Part Names and Functions”...
  • Page 7: Checking Supplied Accessories

    The following example is an actual operation that shows how one might set the horizontal and vertical positions of the screen. The screens shown at each step are provided as a visual guide to confirm that the procedure is proceeding as it should. Please familiarize yourself with this process before continuing on with the rest of this manual.
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and Functions Main Unit Main unit Main unit STANDBY/ON indicator This indicator is red during standby mode, and turns to green when the unit is in the operation mode (page 22). Flashes green when Power-Management function is operating (page 26). The flashing pattern is also used to indicate error messages (page 37).
  • Page 9: Remote Control Unit

    Remote Control Unit When handling the remote control unit ¶ Do not drop or shake the remote control. ¶ Do not use the remote control unit in a location subject to direct sunlight, heat radiation from a heater, or in a place subject to excessive humidity.
  • Page 10: Connection Panel

    Connect a speaker whose impedance is 8 –16 (page 14). CONTROL IN/OUT (monaural mini jacks) For connection of PIONEER components that bear the Î mark. Making CONTROL connection enables control of this unit as a component in a system (page 16).
  • Page 11 Illustration depicts PRO-1000HD model. CONTROL SPEAKER – INPUT5 INPUT3 AUDIO AUDIO S-VIDEO HDMI AUDIO INPUT (Stereo mini jack) Use to obtain sound when INPUT1 or INPUT2 is selected. Connect the audio output terminal of components connected to INPUT1 or INPUT2 to this unit (page 15). AUDIO OUTPUT (Stereo mini jack) Use to output the audio of the selected source component connected to this unit to an AV amplifier...
  • Page 12: Installation And Connections

    PIONEER stand or installation bracket (sold separately) ÷ When possible, please install using parts and accessories manufactured by PIONEER. PIONEER will not be held responsible for accident or damage caused by the use of parts and accessories manufactured by other companies.
  • Page 13: About The Input Connectors On This Unit

    About the Input Connectors on this Unit Consult the following chart when making connections to a plasma display (pages 9 to 16). Input Connector INPUT INPUT INPUT Connected component and signals Analog RGB Component video S video Composite video Digital video Analog RGB S video Composite video...
  • Page 14 Installation and Connections Connection of G ON SYNC analog RGB source Make G ON SYNC connections for a component with output that has the synchronization signal layered on top of the green signal. When connecting to INPUT1 INPUT1 OUTPUT ANALOG RGB (ANALOG RGB) On screen setup is necessary after connection.
  • Page 15: Connection To A Personal Computer

    Connection to a personal computer Connection method differs depending on the computer type. When connecting, please thoroughly read the computer’s instruction manual. Before making connections, be sure to make sure that the personal computer’s power and this unit’s main power is off. For the PC input signals and screen sizes that this unit is compatible with, please refer to supplement 1 (pages 39 to 40).
  • Page 16 Installation and Connections Connection of G ON SYNC analog RGB source Make G ON SYNC connections for a personal computer with output that has the synchronization signal layered on top of the green signal. When connecting to INPUT1 INPUT1 OUTPUT ANALOG RGB (ANALOG RGB) On screen setup is necessary after connection.
  • Page 17: Connection To Input3

    Connection to INPUT3 Connect an AV component that has S-video output terminal to the S-VIDEO input terminal. INPUT3 S-VIDEO AUDIO AV component Connection to INPUT4 Connect an AV component that has a video output terminal to the INPUT4 terminal. INPUT4 AUDIO VIDEO AV component...
  • Page 18: About Dtv Set Top Box Connection

    Installation and Connections About DTV Set Top Box Connection To ensure proper connection, please carefully read the instruction manual supplied with the DTV set top box. The set top box output signals that this display is compatible with are as follows. Video Video signal signal type...
  • Page 19 Audio connections for component (computer) connected to INPUT 1 or INPUT 2 AUDIO INPUT OUTPUT (INPUT1/2) Ô Audio input to the AUDIO INPUT terminal (stereo mini jack) is possible for a component connected to either INPUT1 or INPUT2. Sound is output from both the AUDIO OUTPUT terminal (stereo mini jack) and the SPEAKER terminals according to the video input selection.
  • Page 20: Control Cord Connection

    Installation and Connections Control Cord Connection When control cord connections are made, remote control operation of connected PIONEER components that bear the Î logo mark is done through the remote sensor on this unit. When the connection is made to the CONTROL IN terminal on another unit, the remote sensor of that component will no longer receive signals.
  • Page 21: How To Route Cables

    How to Route Cables Speed clamps and bead bands are included with this unit for bunching cables together. Once components are connected, follow the following steps to route cables. Organize cables together using the provided speed clamps. Insert 1 into an appropriate hole on the rear of the unit, then snap 2 into the back of 1 to fix the clamp.
  • Page 22: Setting Up The System

    Setting Up the System Setup after Connection (INPUT1, 2) After components have been connected to INPUT1 or INPUT2, on-screen setup is necessary. Follow the procedure described below and make settings as they apply to the type of components connected. Setting the Screen Mode/Input Signal Format Notes ÷...
  • Page 23 When inputting a video signal (When VIDEO is selected), press 5/∞ to select VIDEO SIGNAL. MAIN MENU INPUT1 PICTURE SCREEN SET UP OPTION I N P UT I N P UT 1 : OF F A UT O P O WER OF F : M I D DL E C OL OR T M...
  • Page 24: Setup After Connection (input5)

    Setting Up the System Setup after Connection (INPUT5) After a component has been connected to INPUT5, on- screen setup is necessary. Follow the procedure described below and make settings as they apply to the type of components connected. VIDEO SIGNAL This function allows you to switch the input signal format to automatic or manual when inputting the digital signal.
  • Page 25: Audio Select

  • Page 26: Operations

    Operations Selecting an Input Source This section explains the basic operation of this unit. Outlined on the following pages is how to turn the main power on and off, put this unit in the operation or standby mode and how to select connected components. Before you begin, make sure you have: •...
  • Page 27: To Adjust The Volume

    To adjust the volume VOLUME +/– Press VOLUME on the remote control unit. Use VOLUME + or VOLUME – to adjust the volume of the connected speakers. V O L U ME To mute the sound MUTING Press MUTING on the remote control unit. Press MUTING again to restore the sound.
  • Page 28: Screen Size Selection

    Operations Screen Size Selection This unit incorporates screen modes of various height and width ratios. For optimal viewing, we recommend that you select the screen mode that best matches the video source that you are viewing. Although these modes are designed for full display of a picture on a wide screen, it is our hope that you make use of them with a full understanding of the manufacturer’s intentions.
  • Page 29: Partial Image Enlargement (point Zoom)

    Partial Image Enlargement (POINT ZOOM) This display allows any one of nine screen areas (AREA 1 to AREA 9) to be selected and enlarged to x1.5, x2, x3, or x4. When performing point zoom enlargement, the direction buttons (5/∞/2/3) can be used to move the enlarged portion up-down and right-left.
  • Page 30: Automatic Power Off

    Operations Automatic Power OFF This display is equipped with automatic power- management and auto-power-off functions, which allow the unit to automatically switch to power-saving mode when no sync signal is detected. (A warning message appears onscreen before these functions operate.) Notes ÷...
  • Page 31: Display Panel Adjustments

    Display Panel Adjustments Adjusting the Picture Quality Note Make these adjustments for each input (INPUT1 to INPUT5) and signals. PICTURE mode adjustment items Below are brief descriptions of the options that can be set in the PICTURE mode. [When video signal is input] CONTRAST ·············...
  • Page 32: Adjusting The Image Position And Clock (automatic Adjustment)

    Display Panel Adjustments Adjusting the Image Position and Clock (Automatic Adjustment) Pressing AUTO SET UP on either the main unit operating panel or the remote control unit will adjust the screen position and clock to optimum values. Notes ÷ This adjustment is supported only when a computer signal is input.
  • Page 33 [When video signal input is selected] MAIN MENU INPUT1 PICTURE SCREEN SET UP OPTION P O S I T I O N R S E T SELECT ENTER MENU Press 5/∞ to select the adjustment item, then press SET. MAIN MENU INPUT1 PICTURE SCREEN...
  • Page 34: Other Operations

    Other Operations Rewriting the Input Display (INPUT LABEL) This function allows rewriting of the screen contents displayed with differing inputs. For example, the default “INPUT 1” can be changed to “COMPUTER” or other name describing the connected component (up to maximum of 8 characters).
  • Page 35: Changing The Color Temperature (color Temp)

    Changing the Color Temperature (COLOR TEMP) Note Color temperature settings are supported only with input signals from a video device. Settings are made individually for each of the inputs (INPUT1 – INPUT5). Press MENU to display the menu screen. MAIN MENU INPUT1 PICTURE SCREEN...
  • Page 36: Setting The Purecinema Mode

    Other Operations Setting the PureCinema mode When the PureCinema mode is selected, it functions automatically to detect video signals of movies recorded at 24 frames-per-second, changing the scan settings to allow enjoyment of higher quality movie playback. It does this by converting the video signal to progressive scan.
  • Page 37: Viewing In A Bright Location (high Contrast)

    Viewing in a Bright Location (HIGH CONTRAST) When viewing a picture in a bright location, setting this mode to “ON” will enable you to obtain a clear video image. • Set this mode to “OFF” when not viewing in a bright location.
  • Page 38: Auto Function

    Other Operations AUTO FUNCTION This display is equipped with an optional AUTO FUNCTION selector. When enabled, the selector automatically switches the display’s input source to INPUT 1 or INPUT 4 when an image signal is detected at the INPUT 1 jack or the INPUT 4 jack. Press MENU;...
  • Page 39: Additional Information

    ¶ Cooling fan has malfunctioned. Immediately turn off power, remove power plug from its outlet, and consult a Pioneer service center or your dealer. ¶ An invalid operation has been attempted. (For example, when a video signal is input, POINT ZOOM button is pressed.)
  • Page 40: General Problems

    Additional Information General problems Problem • No power • Is the power cord disconnected? (page 16) • Has the main power switch been switched on? (page 7) • Unit cannot be operated. • External influences such as lightning, static electricity, etc., may cause improper operation. In this case, operate the unit after first turning the main power switch on/off, or unplugging the power cord and re-plugging it in after 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Page 41 Although this unit incorporates high precision technology in its design, please understand that there may be extremely slight pixel breakup, or light emission fault. Note In order to protect the panel and internal circuitry, this display is provided with a cooling fan designed to turn on/off and change speed automatically in accordance with ambient temperature conditions (the fan sound will change in accordance with its speed).
  • Page 42: Specifications

    Additional Information Specifications General (PRO-1000HD Light emission panel ... 50 inch plasma display panel Number of pixels ... 1280 x 768 Power supply ... AC 120 V, 60 Hz Rated current ... 3.2 A Standby power consumption ... 1 W External dimensions ...
  • Page 43: Supplement 1

    Supplement 1 -1/2: PRO-1000HD PC signal compatibilty table (INPUT1, INPUT2) Refresh rate Resolution (Dot x Line) Vertical Horizontal 56.4Hz 24.8kHz 640x400 70.1Hz 31.5kHz 31.5kHz 640x480 60Hz 35.0kHz 66.7Hz 72.8Hz 37.9kHz 37.5kHz 75Hz 85Hz 43.3kHz 35.2kHz 800 x600 56Hz 37.9kHz 60Hz 72Hz 48.1kHz 46.9kHz...
  • Page 44: Supplement 2

    Additional Information Supplement 1 -2/2: PRO-800HD PC signal compatibilty table (INPUT1, INPUT2) Refresh rate Resolution (Dot x Line) Vertical Horizontal 56.4Hz 24.8kHz 640x400 31.5kHz 70.1Hz 60Hz 31.5kHz 640x480 66.7Hz 35.0kHz 72.8Hz 37.9kHz 37.5kHz 75Hz 43.3kHz 85Hz 56Hz 35.2kHz 800 x600 60Hz 37.9kHz 72Hz...
  • Page 45: Supplement 3

    Supplement 2 Video signal compatibilty table (INPUT1, INPUT2) Refresh rate Signal format Vertical Horizontal (Hz) (kHz) Component 15.625 Component 28.1 Component 31.25 Component 15.734 Component 31.5 Component 33.75 Component 45.0 Component 67.5 Supplement 3 Digital signal compatibilty table (INPUT5) Vertical Aspect Ratio (Hz) 720 x 480p...
  • Page 46: Explanation Of Terms

    Additional Information Supplement 4 Signal assignment of INPUT 1 (Mini D-sub 15 pin socket connector) 15 11 Pin No. Input R or C G or Y B or C NC (No connection) DDC + 5V NC (No connection) NC (No connection) DDC SDA NC (No connection) HD or H/V SYNC...
  • Page 47 PRO-1000HD / PRO-800HD...
  • Page 48 PIONEER CORPORATION 4-1, Meguro 1-Chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8654, Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. BOX 1540, Long Beach, California 90801-1540, U.S.A. PIONEER ELECTRONICS OF CANADA, INC. <TSZZF/03I00000> 300 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario L3R OP2, Canada Published by Pioneer Corporation. Copyright © 2003 Pioneer Corporation.

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