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Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT Operation Manual Page 109

Multi-cd control dsp high power cd/mp3/wma/ aac player with bluetooth wireless technology and fm/am tuner.
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Additional Information
Linear PCM (LPCM)/Pulse code
This stands for linear pulse code modulation,
which is the signal recording system used for
music CDs and DVDs.
Playlists created using the "WINAMP" soft-
ware have a playlist file extension (.m3u).
MP3 is short for MPEG Audio Layer 3. It is an
audio compression standard set by a working
group (MPEG) of the ISO (International Stan-
dards Organization). MP3 is able to compress
audio data to about 1/10th the level of a con-
ventional disc.
This stands for Microsoft adaptive differential
pulse code modulation, which is the signal re-
cording system used for the multimedia soft-
ware of Microsoft Corporation.
Multi-session is a recording method that al-
lows additional data to be recorded later.
When recording data on a CD-ROM, CD-R or
CD-RW, etc., all data from beginning to end is
treated as a single unit or session. Multi-ses-
sion is a method of recording more than 2 ses-
sions on one disc.
Number of quantization bits
The number of quantization bits is one factor
in the overall sound quality; the higher the
"bit-depth", the better the sound quality. How-
ever, increasing the bit-depth also increases
the amount of data and therefore storage
space required.
OPP is short for Object Push Profile. This pro-
file is used for transferring the phonebook
data, schedule data and so on between de-
vices featuring Bluetooth wireless technology.
Packet write
This is a general term for a method of writing
on CD-R, etc., at the time required for a file,
just as is done with files on floppy or hard
SDP is short for Service Discovery Protocol.
This protocol is to search for available services
and service characteristics on other devices
featuring Bluetooth wireless technology.
VBR is short for variable bit rate. Generally
speaking CBR (constant bit rate) is more
widely used. But by flexibly adjusting the bit
rate according to the needs of audio compres-
sion, it is possible to achieve compression-
priority sound quality.
WAV is short for waveform. It is a standard
audio file format for Windows
WMA is short for Windows Media™ Audio
and refers to an audio compression technol-
ogy that is developed by Microsoft Corpora-
tion. WMA data can be encoded by using
Windows Media Player version 7 or later.
Windows Media and the Windows logo are tra-
demarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other



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