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2-bay network video recorder
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Insert a 3.5" SATA hard drive into
an available drive bay. Make sure
to align the drive connector to the
SATA connector on the bottom edge
inside the drive bay of the NVR.
Gently push the drive in until it
connects. When a drive is inserted
properly, you will feel it "seat" into the
connector. Some hard drives that are
thin or oddly shaped may need to
be guided carefully into position. If a
drive is not properly seated, the LED
will not illuminate after powering on
the device.
Optional: When installing an optional
second HDD, please repeat Step
4. To avoid data incompatibility in
RAID 1 operation, useidentical SATA
drives from the same manufacturer.
Formatted drive capacity for RAID 1
operation is dependant on the HDD
with the lowest capacity.
Attach the faceplate to the front of
the device.
D-Link DNS-722-4/726-4 Quick Install Guide


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