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Philips DECT 122 User Manual

Philips handset user manual model dect122
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  Summary of Contents for Philips DECT 122

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Conformity, environment and safety Declaration of conformity Using GAP standard compliance DECT 122 handset Icons on the handset display DECT 122 base station Installing the DECT 122 Unpacking your DECT 122 Installing the base station Installing and replacing the batteries in the handset...
  • Page 3: Conformity, Environment And Safety

    Conformity Hereby, Philips declares that the DECT 122 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    22. To register a handset of another make to the DECT 122 base station, place the base station into registration mode (page 22), then follow the procedure in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 5: Dect 122 Handset

    DECT 122 Handset Display Icons see page 5 Menu key & Softkey OK - In idle mode, short press to access the main menu. - Short press to select next menu level. - In Edit & Phonebook mode, short press to confirm OK or view selected phonebook record.
  • Page 6: Icons On The Handset Display

    Icons on the handset display The display gives information about the operation of your telephone. Following icons can be shown in the headline of the display: When being used for the first time, it is sometimes necessary to wait until the battery is sufficiently charged before the icons appear on the display.
  • Page 7: Dect 122 Base Station

    In DECT 122 multi handset packs, you will also find one or more additional handsets, chargers with power supply units and additional rechargeable batteries.
  • Page 8: Installing The Base Station

    Installing the base station Place your product close enough to the telephone and mains power sockets so that the cables will reach.To properly install the base station, plug the line cord and the power cable into the base station. Plug the cord and the cable into the wall. If you have a broadband DSL Internet...
  • Page 9: Installing And Replacing The Batteries In The Handset

    Battery life in Battery life in standby Indoor range Outdoor range talk time mode up to 10 hours up to 120 hours up to 50 metres up to 300 metres Installing the DECT 122...
  • Page 10: Menu Structure

    Menu structure From idle mode, press keys to go up or down in the menu list. Press Softkey OK to confirm the selection. Press Softkey BACK to exit the menu or to go back to the previous menu level. PHONEBOOK CLOCK / ALARM PERSONAL SET ADVANCE SET...
  • Page 11: Handset Power Off And On

    Handset power OFF and ON To power the handset OFF or ON long press the Text or number entry You can enter the names of your phonebook entries character by character, pressing the corresponding key as many times as necessary to reach the desired character.
  • Page 12: Using The Telephone

    Using the telephone Keypad lock / unlock Long press the key to lock/unlock the keypad in idle mode. KEYS LOCKED is displayed on the screen. Making a call ✦ Answering a call / Hanging up answer the call. To end the conversation, press station.
  • Page 13: Redial List

    Redial list ✦ Accessing / exiting the redial list Press ✦ Calling a number from the redial list Press scroll through the redial list ✦ Saving redial list numbers into the phonebook Press scroll to select ENTER NAME ✦ Editing a number from the redial list Press scroll to select enter number...
  • Page 14: Phonebook

    Phonebook 30 names and numbers can be stored in the built-in phonebook of the handset.The names are stored in alphabetical order. ✦ Adding a new entry Each entry contains a name (12 characters) and a number (24 digits). Press PHONEBOOK in idle mode press Down 2 times ENTER NAME...
  • Page 15 ✦ Edit a number when browsing phonebook list Press Down in idle mode scroll to select ENTER NAME to confirm. enter new number ✦ Delete an entry when browsing phonebook list Press Down in idle mode scroll to select DELETE? ✦...
  • Page 16: Call Log

    Call log This feature is available if you have registered to the caller identification service with your operator. The call log stores the last 20 external calls received : - network message service information* ✦ Accessing / exiting the call log Press Up scroll ✦...
  • Page 17: Internal Call

    Press to answer and Note: If the handset does not belong to the Philips DECT 122 range, this function may not be available. ✦ Call transfer to a specific handset when on line During a call in progress you transfer the external call to a specific handset : Long press enter handset no.*...
  • Page 18: Paging

    Paging This feature allows you to locate the handset(s). Press on the base station. Press any key on the handset to stop ringing once relocated. Chain Dialing If you have entered in your phonebook for example only the main number of a company without the extension, this feature allows you to add the subnumber (extension) of a particular person and to dial out this number.
  • Page 19: Personal Settings

    ✦ To set the alarm tone Press CLOCK/ALARM press Down 1 time ALARM TONE Personal Settings ✦ To set the handset ringer volume or silence mode (Ringer OFF) Press PERSONAL SET press Down 2 times HANDSET TONE to confirm. scroll to select* ✦...
  • Page 20: Handset Name

    ON or OFF scroll to select your language Personal Settings The default name is : PHILIPS. You can enter 10 characters for the hand- set name. If ON you take the line by lif-...
  • Page 21: Advanced Settings

    Advanced Settings ✦ To change the recall time Press ADVANCE SET press Down 3 times scroll to select SHORT or LONG ✦ To change the dial mode By default your phone is pre-configured with the appropriate dial mode for your country and you don’t have to change this setting.
  • Page 22: Call Barring

    ✦ To set or change Call Barring This menu allows you to limit the use of your phone to specific calls by barring parts (prefix) of outgoing numbers.You can set 4 different barring numbers. Press ADVANCE SET press Down 3 times CALL BARRING BARR NUMBER press Down 1 time...
  • Page 23: Sos Number

    Additional handsets must be registered to the base before use. Warning : If you wish to register non Philips handsets to the DECT 122 base station, make sure that this handset is GAP compliant otherwise it will not operate properly (see page 3).
  • Page 24: Unregister

    ✦ To unregister a handset Press ADVANCE SET press Down 3 times UNREGISTER UNREGISTERED scroll to select appears on the screen the handset no. ✦ To change the PIN code The default PIN code is “0000”.We advise you to personalize it.The maximum length for the PIN code is 8 digits.
  • Page 25: Default Settings

    Area code : Call barring : SOS number : Redial list : Phonebook memory : Call log : (after RESET UNIT) MEDIUM MELODY 1 VOLUME 2 English PHILIPS 00:00 01-01 TONE Short (100ms) 0000 MELODY 1 Empty Empty Empty Empty...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    - Maximum number of handsets (5) has been reached - Base station is already busy with another handset The DECT 122 base station or mains power pack are too close to electrical appliances - The service is not activated The phonebook is full...