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Gallery - Sanyo Wipoq User Manual

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file explorer
Scroll to the document you wish to move and
press the Menu key. Choose Edit from the
popup menu and then select Copy (to move
a duplicate file) or Cut (to move the original
file) from the extended menu.
Then enter the folder you wish to move your
document to using the Navigation key and press
the Menu key again.This time choose Paste
from the Edit menu.The document will be
pasted into its new folder.
send in an email
To email a file as an attachment, scroll to the file
you wish to send and press the Menu key. From
the popup menu select Send in email, which will
automatically take you to a new email screen.
The file will appear in the mail as an attachment
ready to send.
view properties
Scroll to the file you require and press the
Menu key.Then select Properties from the
options menu. A popup window will then
display the file name, size, type and the date
it was last modified.
delete a file
Move the cursor to the document or image
you wish to delete and press the Menu key.
Select Delete from the popup menu and
confirm the deletion by selecting Yes from
the Question? popup.
sort your files
To rearrange the order of your files when you
view them, press the Menu key and select
Sort by. Choose to sort your files by date, name
alphabetically or type of file (e.g. pdf). Press the
Select key to apply your new order.


The WiPOQ gallery is an application which
allows you to save and store images which have
been downloaded or sent to you via email.
Open the Gallery from the My WiPOQ screen.
open an image
When you enter your gallery, all your images will
be displayed as thumbnails.To open an image,
scroll to the image and press the Select key.
Alternatively press the Menu key and select
Open from the popup menu.
view on full screen
To view an image in full screen mode, press
the menu key and select Full screen from the
popup menu.This will remove the status bar.
To return to the normal view, press the
Menu key and select Full screen again.
scroll through images
When you have an image open, you can press
the Menu key and choose Next or Prev to
view the images in sequence one at a time, like
a slide show.


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