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Sanyo Wipoq User Manual


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  • Page 1 Messenger Pro user guide...
  • Page 2 WiPOQ has been designed to keep you mobile without the need for a huge device that weighs you down. A perfect partner to your slim 3G mobile, the WiPOQ Messenger Pro sends email, allows you to surf the web and helps you manage your contacts and appointments.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Take a look a the get going section, which Battery ◆ setting up your email account file explorer tells you how to set up your WiPOQ Charger gallery ◆ from the first time you switch on. settings...
  • Page 4: The Keypad

    Move left and right between navigation tabs. LEDs Check the status of your Bluetooth Power connection (blue and red LEDs), incoming Turn your WiPOQ off messages (green LED) and battery condition and on. (orange LED). Connect Quick keys Turn Bluetooth connection on and off.
  • Page 5: Get Going

    get going...
  • Page 6: Battery

    Step 2 - Bluetooth ® guide and familiarise yourself with some of your Next you will be asked to set up your WiPOQ’s WiPOQ’s features? Bluetooth ® settings.
  • Page 7: Startup Wizard

    Please check your mobile user The next screen in the Startup Wizard allows guide if you are unsure of how to do this. you to set the time and date on your WiPOQ. Messages Gallery On your WiPOQ scroll to and select Start...
  • Page 8: Connecting To Your Mobile Phone

    Startup Wizard on your WiPOQ first, and secondly on your mobile. Blue pulsating light - The devices are ◆ Use the Tab key to move to the My WiPOQ When it has been successful, you may be successfully connected. screen and select the Settings option.
  • Page 9: Setting Up Your Email Account

    Then you need to set up an email account for Press the Menu key again and choose New account from the popup menu. your WiPOQ to use.This can be an office or home-based email account.You may need to ask Fill out the details of your email account your Internet service provider or IT department and select Save.
  • Page 10: How To

    how to...
  • Page 11: Email

    Launch the Messages application from the If the WiPOQ is unable to send or check for email forward an email TIP! Application screen and follow the steps below. receive an email, an error message will appear. To check for new messages, press the Menu key To forward an email, open it and press the Alternatively use the messaging Quick key.
  • Page 12: Browsing

    Launch the Internet application from the TIP! To delete an email, highlight or open the WiPOQ it will remain on your email server. Application screen.The WiPOQ homepage message, then press the Menu key. Select Delete Your WiPOQ will continue to retrieve the will be displayed.
  • Page 13: Sms Messaging

    Your message will be sent immediately via your mobile phone, and a copy will be saved navigate in the Sent Items folder on your WiPOQ. To navigate use the Navigate option from the popup menu. Quickly access your homepage by selecting Home.
  • Page 14: Downloads

    Uninstall: This option will permanently remove ◆ an application from your WiPOQ. Scroll to it TIP! Not all phones allow the WiPOQ to and press the Select key. send and receive SMS using the Bluetooth ◆...
  • Page 15: Contacts

    Your WiPOQ has a fully comprehensive Enter phone numbers, email addresses and search for a contact delete a contact contacts application, allowing you to save all homepage details in full in the last section Along the bottom of the contact screen is a...
  • Page 16: Calendar

    Fill in the subject, date and time of your Forthcoming ◆ select the Sort by option. Choose whether to WiPOQ will then search for the Bluetooth ® meeting, appointment or event. A list of all the upcoming days with devices in range. Select the desired one from the...
  • Page 17 You can synchronise your contacts and calendar Make sure your WiPOQ is full charged. If You can adjust the default alarm settings for on your computer with your WiPOQ.You can battery power is low, the synchronisation your appointment, so that you don’t have to...
  • Page 18: Synchronisation And Backup

    A popup will then appear asking you to proceed with the WiPOQ Messenger – PC Suite Installation Wizard. Click Next. The main WiPOQ Messenger – PC Suite From the Setup Type screen check the You will be alerted when the installation page will open.
  • Page 19 Your computer will then begin to back up all the data on your WiPOQ. It will take backup your data a few minutes, and a progress screen will From the main WiPOQ Messenger –...
  • Page 20: File Explorer

    Click once on the Backup file you wish to your saved files, from email attachments to Scroll to the file you wish to rename using the restore to your WiPOQ and then click the photographs, from downloads to PDFs. Navigation key. Press the Menu key and select Restore option.
  • Page 21: Gallery

    Full screen from the a duplicate file) or Cut (to move the original options menu. A popup window will then Open the Gallery from the My WiPOQ screen. popup menu.This will remove the status bar. file) from the extended menu.
  • Page 22: Settings

    Time ◆ delete an image Set the time and date of your WiPOQ – you Beware! A factory reset will remove all the Select the image you wish to delete and press will have the option to synchronise the time and the Menu key.
  • Page 23: Faqs

  • Page 24 ◆ Check that your device is discoverable (Yes). connected to your computer. Yes, you can reset your WiPOQ. Go to the Each letter key has an extended character or Check you have correctly installed About tab in Settings section and press the symbol.You can access these by holding down...
  • Page 25: Safety

  • Page 26 Note:The functioning of your WiPOQ can be when it may cause interference or danger. able to use your WiPOQ once in the air as affected by localised conditions, and we cannot hearing aids When connecting the device to a phone, read long as the Bluetooth connection is disabled.
  • Page 27 If you are concerned about any aspect of safety, • Your WiPOQ is not water resistant. Keep it overcharging may shorten its lifetime. If left • For good operation times, discharge the please refer to or contact the...
  • Page 28 help index If you’re having problems, please contact the About ........................xx delete an email ..................xx Navigation key ....................xx Alt key ........................xx forward an email ..................xx Orange ........................xx Orange customer service team for free by attachment ......................xx open an email ...................xx Outlook .........................xx calling 1474 from any Orange mobile phone.
  • Page 29 While we have made every effort to describe the true behaviour of your WiPOQ we are always improving our product and reserve the right to make adjustments to the WiPOQ, which may not be reflected by this guide. Information contained in this document is proprietary and confidential information of SANYO Sales &...
  • Page 30 Important information to the user This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

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