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Downloads - Sanyo Wipoq User Manual

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sms messaging
save a message
To save a message and send it later, press the
Menu key and scroll to and select Save.
The message will be stored in the Drafts folder.
To open it again, use the Tab keys to move to
the Drafts folder and select the message using
the Select key.
open an sms message
When you receive a new message it will appear
in your inbox with
next to it.This icon
denotes that the mail is unread. A new SMS is
also indicated by green led and a person-shaped
icon in the status bar with speech bubble.
Highlight the mail using the Navigation key and
click select to open or use choose Open from
the option menu.
Not all phones allow the WiPOQ to
send and receive SMS using the Bluetooth
connection. Please check
to check for compatibility..
Don't forget! If at any time you need to
access another application quickly, press and
hold the Menu key. A popup window will
display all your currently open applications.
Scroll to the one you wish to access and press


When you download an application, it will
automatically be saved in the Downloads
section of the application screen.
Not only is this a handy place to keep all your
installed applications together, you can also view
details and uninstall them from here.
Download your chosen application from
the Internet.
Open Downloads from the Application
Each download is represented by an icon.
Scroll to one and press the Menu key.
From the popup menu select one of the
following options:
Application: Displays information on your
selected application. Choose Get info from the
extended menu to view version, vendor and
size details.
Task: If your application is running, you can
control it from here. Select from the options
Run, Terminate, Pause and Resume using the
Navigation and Select key.
Group: Group your applications by creating
folders to save them in. Choose Select group
from the extended menu and select an existing
group or create a new group by typing in the
name for the group.
Uninstall: This option will permanently remove
an application from your WiPOQ. Scroll to it
and press the Select key.
Show running:This allows you to see all the
applications from the Downloads section you
are running.
Exit: Select this option to return to the
My WiPOQ screen.


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