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Calendar - Sanyo Wipoq User Manual

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beam a contact
Using your Bluetooth
connections you can
beam a contact's details to your phone or any
other Bluetooth
device in your vicinity.
Simply select the contact you want to send and
press the Menu key and choose Beam....Your
WiPOQ will then search for the Bluetooth
devices in range. Select the desired one from the
list and press the Select key.The contact will then
be sent your mobile phone or other device.
To use this shortcut, make sure you
have entered details for the Email, SMS and
MSN fields in the contact. Otherwise
a warning message will appear to tell you
that there is missing information in the
contact details.
send a message
Scroll to and select the contact you wish to
send a message to and press the Menu key.
Choose Message from the popup menu, and
from the second popup choose what type of
message you want to send: Email, SMS or Chat.
A new message window in the application you
requested will automatically open.
sort your contacts
Within any category, press the Menu key and
select the Sort by option. Choose whether to
arrange your contacts in order alphabetically of
either their company, first name or last name.
view a homepage
If you have entered homepage details to
a contact, use the browser shortcut. Select
a contact, press the Menu key and choose
View Home Page. This will take you directly
to the WiPOQ browser and load the
contact's homepage.
Don't forget! If at any time you need to
access another application quickly, press and
hold the Menu key. A popup window will
display all your currently open applications.
Scroll to the one you wish to access and press
the Select key.


Launch the Calendar application from the
Application screen.
Press the Menu key and select New event
from the popup menu.
Fill in the subject, date and time of your
meeting, appointment or event.
Choose whether you want your WiPOQ
to remind you of your entry with an alarm.
Scroll to Alarm and press the Select key.
Select No if you don't require an alarm or
choose one of the time periods available
(between 1 minute and 1 day) to specify
when the the alarm should sound.
Add notes to the entry, such as directions,
which can be viewed at a later date.
When you have completed your entry press
the Menu key, and select Save.
Upcoming calendar events are indicated by
the green LED and a bell -shaped icon will
appear in the status bar.
change the view
You can view your calendar entries in two
different ways. Use the Tab keys to move
between the two:
A list of all the upcoming days with
appointments. Click on a day using the
Select key to expand the list and see the
individual appointments.
The month in grid form. Days containing
appointments are identified by a small green
square next to the date.
If you're in a hurry, a quicker way of
opening a new calendar entry is to scroll to
the date you wish to add an appointment to
and press the Select key. A new entry screen
will open, with the date already entered.


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