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Installation Instructions; Install Vent System; Install Leveling Legs; Electrical Connection - Whirlpool 3RLEC8600 Installation Instructions Manual

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Install Vent System

1. Install exhaust hood. Use sealing compound to seal exterior
wall opening around exhaust hood.
2. Connect vent to exhaust hood. Vent must fit inside exhaust
hood. Secure vent to exhaust hood with 102 mm (4") clamp.
3. Run vent to dryer location. Use the straightest path possible.
See "Vent Length Chart." Avoid 90º turns. Use 102 mm (4")
clamps to seal all joints. Do not use duct tape, screws, or
other fastening devices that extend into the interior of the vent
to secure the vent, because they can catch lint.

Install Leveling Legs

1. Open dryer door and remove drying rack, if included. Wipe
drum with damp cloth to remove any dust.
2. Take two cardboard corners from the dryer carton and place
them on the floor in back of the dryer. Firmly grasp body of the
dryer and gently lay it on its back on the cardboard corners.
3. Start to screw legs into holes by hand. Use an adjustable
wrench or 25 mm (1") hex-head socket wrench to finish
turning legs until you reach the ridge with the diamond
4. To protect the floor, use a large at piece of cardboard from the
dryer carton. Stand dryer up on the cardboard.


Electrical Connection

This is a three wire dryer which must be earthed.
This dryer is supplied without an electric cord and plug; it
must be connected by a competent electrician. See "Electrical

Level the Dryer

1. Move dryer close to its permanent location. Leave enough
room to connect the exhaust vent. Remove the cardboard
from under the dryer.
2. Check levelness of dryer by placing a level on top of dryer,
first side to side, then front to back.
If dryer is not level, use a wrench to adjust dryer legs up or down
and recheck for levelness.
The dryer must be level to reduce noise and assure proper


Table of Contents

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