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Sony MHC-V50D Operating Instructions Manual

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Home Audio System
Operating Instructions
Getting Started
Disc/USB Playback
USB Transfer
Sound Adjustment
Other Operations
Additional Information


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Home Audio System Getting Started Disc/USB Playback Operating Instructions USB Transfer Tuner BLUETOOTH Sound Adjustment Other Operations Additional Information MHC-V50D...
  • Page 2 WARNING To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventilation opening of the appliance with newspapers, This appliance is classified as a CLASS tablecloths, curtains, etc. 1 LASER product under IEC 60825- Do not expose the appliance to naked 1:2007.
  • Page 3 EU directives. Disposal of Old This product has been manufactured Electrical & Electronic by or on behalf of Sony Corporation, Equipment 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 (Applicable in the Japan. Inquiries related to product European Union and...
  • Page 4: License And Trademark Notice

    Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC in the United States and other countries. • “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • LDAC™ and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. License and Trademark Notice •...
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    • THIS PRODUCT IS LICENSED UNDER About this manual THE MPEG-4 VISUAL PATENT PORTFOLIO LICENSE FOR THE PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL This manual mainly explains • • USE OF A CONSUMER FOR operations using the remote control, but the same operations (i) ENCODING VIDEO IN can also be performed using the COMPLIANCE WITH THE MPEG-4...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents About this manual ....5 Viewing information of a disc and USB device ..... 29 Unpacking ......8 Using the Setup Menu ..30 Playable discs or files on discs/USB device ....8 USB Transfer Websites for compatible Before using the USB devices ........
  • Page 7 Sound Adjustment Adjusting the sound .... 45 Selecting the Virtual Football mode ........45 Creating your own sound effect ........45 Creating a party atmosphere (DJ Effect) ......46 Other Operations Using the Control for HDMI function ........ 47 Using the Party Chain function ........
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Playable files on USB device Unpacking Music: • • MP3 files (.mp3)* , WMA files This unit (MHC-V50D) (1) • • (.wma)* , AAC files (.m4a/.mp4/ Remote control (1) • • .3gp)* , WAV files (.wav)* R03 (size AAA) batteries (2) •...
  • Page 9 Discs/files that cannot be played The MP3 PRO audio file can be • • played back as MP3 file. back The system may not play back an • • You cannot play back the • • Xvid file when the file has been following discs combined from two or more Xvid •...
  • Page 10 Note on DVD VIDEO and VIDEO Depending on the Xvid file, the • • picture may be unclear or the CD playback operations sound may skip. Some playback operations for a DVD VIDEO or VIDEO CD may Notes about USB devices be intentionally restricted by This system is not guaranteed to •...
  • Page 11: Websites For Compatible Devices

    Websites for compatible devices Check the websites below for the latest information about compatible USB and BLUETOOTH devices. For customers in Latin America: <> For customers in Europe and Russia: <> For customers in other countries/ regions: < support> Compatible iPhone/iPod models The compatible iPhone/iPod models are as follows.
  • Page 12: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls You can lock the keys except  (power) on the unit to prevent them from being operated by mistake (page 55). Unit               ...
  • Page 13 REC TO USB key   (power) button Touch to transfer music to the Press to turn on the system, or USB device connected to the set it to standby mode.  (USB) port.  FLANGER key (page 46) ENTER key Touch to enter the settings.
  • Page 14 BLUETOOTH key Remote control Touch to select the BLUETOOTH function. PAIRING key Touch and hold to activate BLUETOOTH pairing during the BLUETOOTH function.  +/– (select folder) key Touch to select a folder on a data disc or a USB device. /...
  • Page 15 SUBTITLE button (page 26) (enter) button Press to enter/confirm the AUDIO* button (page 26, settings.  SEARCH button (page 24, ANGLE button (page 26) SETUP button (page 30)   (volume) +/–* button MEDIA MODE button (page Press to adjust the volume. ...
  • Page 16  FUNCTION +/– button Press to select a function.  MEGA BASS button (page  SOUND FIELD buttons MUSIC (page 45), VIDEO (page 45), FOOTBALL (page 45)  PARTY LIGHT button (page 23, 53) LIGHT MODE button (page  DISPLAY button (page 18, 23, 30, 37, 39) Press to change the information on the display.
  • Page 17: Getting Started

    Getting Started Hooking up the system securely Unit (Rear)  VIDEO OUT jack  HDMI OUT (TV) jack Use a video cable (not supplied) Use an HDMI cable (not supplied) to connect to the video input jack to connect to the HDMI input jack of a TV or projector (page 20).
  • Page 18: Deactivating The Demonstration

     Audio input and output jacks  AC power cord (mains lead) Use an audio cable (not supplied) Connect the AC power cord to make either connection as (mains lead) (supplied) to the follows: unit, then slide the cord into the AUDIO/PARTY CHAIN OUT slot at the unit’s foot.
  • Page 19: Inserting Batteries

    Inserting batteries Insert the two supplied R03 (size AAA) batteries, matching the polarities shown below. Note Do not mix an old battery with a new • • one or mix different types of batteries. If you do not use the remote control •...
  • Page 20: Connecting The Tv

    Connecting the TV Before connecting cables, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead). To watch video Select the connection methods according to the jacks on your TV. High quality HDMI IN (ARC)  HDMI cable* (not supplied) HDMI IN ...
  • Page 21 To listen to TV sound via the system If you do not connect the system to the TV’s HDMI IN (ARC) jack, make this connection. AUDIO OUT  Audio cable (not supplied) To listen to TV sound, press FUNCTION +/– repeatedly to select “TV”. Alternatively, touch FUNCTION on the unit repeatedly.
  • Page 22: Changing The Color System

    Press without loading a disc. Changing the color [LANGUAGE SETUP] appears on the system TV screen. Displayed items may vary depending on country or region. (Except for Latin American, LANGUAGE SETUP European, and Russian models) ENGLISH MENU ENGLISH Set the color system to PAL or NTSC AUDIO C H I N E S E S U B T I T L E...
  • Page 23: Changing The Display Mode

    Disc/USB Playback Changing the display mode Before using the USB device Press DISPLAY repeatedly while the system is turned off. For compatible USB devices, see Each time you press the button, the “Websites for compatible devices” display mode changes as follows. (page 11).
  • Page 24: Other Playback Operations

    To play from a specific file Touch  on the unit again to close the disc tray. Press MEDIA MODE repeatedly to Do not forcibly push the disc tray to select [MUSIC] or [VIDEO]. close it as this may cause a malfunction.
  • Page 25 Hold down SHIFT, press the Do this numeric buttons to enter the Return to Press RETURN. title, chapter, scene, track, or folder list when index number you want, then in file list press Press  or  Locate a point Playback starts.
  • Page 26 VIDEO CD/AUDIO CD/audio file Changing the camera angles You can change the sound output. [STEREO]: The stereo sound. • • [1/L]/[2/R]: The monaural sound • • of the left or right channel. Press ANGLE repeatedly during playback to select the camera SUPER VIDEO CD angle you want.
  • Page 27: Using Play Mode

    To cancel PBC playback Using play mode Press  or , or hold down SHIFT and press the numeric Playing in sequential order buttons, to select a track when playback is stopped. (Normal Play) Press  or Playback starts from the selected track.
  • Page 28: Restricting Playback Of The Disc (parental Control)

    To cancel Repeat Play * Cannot be selected for AUDIO CD. Press REPEAT repeatedly to select  When playing a USB device [OFF]. [ONE USB DEVICE (SHUFFLE)]: • • shuffles all audio files on the USB Note device. “ ” lights up on the display when •...
  • Page 29: Viewing Information Of A Disc And Usb Device

    Hold down SHIFT, press the If you forget your password numeric buttons to enter or Remove the disc and repeat steps 1 re-enter your 4-digit password, to 3 of “Restricting playback of the then press disc (Parental Control)” (page 28). Hold down SHIFT, press the numeric Press / repeatedly to select buttons to enter a password [STANDARD], then press...
  • Page 30: Using The Setup Menu

     Artist name* Using the Setup Menu Appears when playing an audio file. You can make various adjustments If an audio file has an ID3 tag, the to items such as picture and sound. system will display an album name/ Displayed items vary depending on title name/artist name from the ID3 tag the country or region.
  • Page 31 Setting the language Setting the TV screen – [LANGUAGE SETUP] – [VIDEO SETUP] [OSD] [TV TYPE] Sets the language of the on-screen display. [16:9]: Selects this when you connect a wide-screen TV or a TV [MENU] with a wide-mode function. Sets the language for the DVD menu.
  • Page 32 [NORMAL]: Changes the picture [FRAME]: The picture, including size to fit the screen size with the subjects that do not move original picture aspect ratio. This dynamically, is output in high setting displays black bands on the resolution. left and right side if you display a 4:3 screen picture.
  • Page 33 [DOLBY SURROUND]: Outputs [MULTI-DISC RESUME] multi-channel audio into a 2-channel surround signal. [ON]: Stores the resume playback point in the memory for up to Note 6 discs. This function only works for the HDMI [OFF]: Playback starts at the resume OUT (TV) jack. playback point only for the current disc in the system.
  • Page 34: Usb Transfer

    [CONTROL FOR HDMI] USB Transfer [ON]: The Control for HDMI function is enabled. You can operate Before using the USB mutually between system and TV connected with an HDMI cable. device [OFF]: Off. [AUDIO RETURN CHANNEL] For compatible USB devices, see Set this function when the system “Websites for compatible devices”...
  • Page 35 Press / repeatedly to select Prepare the sound source. “BIT RATE”, then press Synchronized Transfer: Press / repeatedly to select If the system starts playback automatically, touch  twice to stop the bit rate you want, then press the playback fully. When playback is stopped, press “128 KBPS”: encoded MP3 files •...
  • Page 36: Synchronized Transfer

    Synchronized Transfer • • The transfer stops automatically if: — the USB device runs out of space  When transferring CD-DA tracks during transfer. — the number of audio files or folders from an AUDIO CD on the USB device reaches the limit Folder name: “CDDA0001”* that the system can recognize.
  • Page 37: Tuner

    Press / repeatedly to select a Tuner folder, then press The file list is displayed on the TV Listening to the radio screen. Press / repeatedly to select Press FUNCTION +/– repeatedly an audio file you want to erase, to select “TUNER FM”. then press Alternatively, touch FUNCTION on If you want to erase all the audio...
  • Page 38: Bluetooth

    BLUETOOTH Presetting radio stations About the BLUETOOTH You can store up to 20 FM stations as your favorite stations. wireless technology Tune to the station you want. BLUETOOTH wireless technology is Press DVD/TUNER MENU. a short-range wireless technology that enables wireless data Press / repeatedly to select communication between digital the preset number you want,...
  • Page 39: Pairing This System With A Bluetooth Device

    Select “MHC-V50D” on the Pairing this system display of the BLUETOOTH with a BLUETOOTH device. Perform this step within 5 minutes, device otherwise pairing will be canceled. In this case, repeat from step 3. Pairing is an operation where Note...
  • Page 40: Listening To Music On A Bluetooth Device

    To erase pairing information Establish connection with the BLUETOOTH device. Use the keys on the touch panel of the unit to perform this operation. Touch BLUETOOTH on the unit to connect to the last connected Touch BLUETOOTH to select BLUETOOTH device. BLUETOOTH function.
  • Page 41: One Touch Bluetooth Connection By Nfc

    Touch the smartphone to the One Touch BLUETOOTH N-Mark on the unit until the Connection by NFC smartphone vibrates. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology enabling short- range wireless communication between various devices, such as smartphones and IC tags. When you touch the system with an Complete the connection by NFC-compatible smartphone, the...
  • Page 42: Setting The Bluetooth Audio Codecs

    Hint Setting the BLUETOOTH LDAC is an audio coding technology audio codecs developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a BLUETOOTH You can enable AAC, LDAC or SBC connection. Unlike other BLUETOOTH codec reception from BLUETOOTH compatible coding technologies device.
  • Page 43: Turning On Or Off The Bluetooth Signal

    “SongPal” is a dedicated app for BLUETOOTH signal is turned on by operating “SongPal”-compatible default. audio devices manufactured by Sony using a smartphone or tablet. Touch and hold ENTER and + on Search for “SongPal” on Google Play the unit for about 3 seconds.
  • Page 44: Getting Frenzied Parties

    URL. parties with the “Fiestable” app You can control the party features of Sony’s Home Audio System with intuitive and fancy user interface with the “Fiestable” app. “Fiestable” allows you to control features such as DJ Effect, illumination and Karaoke.
  • Page 45: Sound Adjustment

    Press FOOTBALL repeatedly while Sound Adjustment watching a football match broadcast. Adjusting the sound “ON NARRATION”: You can enjoy an • • immersive feeling of being in a football stadium through enhanced Do this stadium cheers. Reinforce bass Touch MEGA BASS “OFF NARRATION”: You can enjoy a •...
  • Page 46: Creating A Party Atmosphere (dj Effect)

    Repeat step 3 to adjust the level To turn off the effect of other frequency bands and Touch DJ OFF. • • surround effect. Touch the selected effect button • • again (for FLANGER and ISOLATOR To exit the options menu, press only).
  • Page 47: Other Operations

    Hint If you enable the Control for HDMI (“BRAVIA” sync) function when using a Using the Control for TV manufactured by Sony, the Control for HDMI function of the system is also HDMI function enabled automatically. When settings are completed, “COMPLETE” appears on the display.
  • Page 48: Audio Return Channel

    Audio Return Channel Language Follow If the system is connected to a TV’s When you change the language HDMI IN jack compatible with Audio for the on-screen display of the Return Channel, you can listen to TV, the system’s on-screen display TV sound from the speakers of the language is also changed.
  • Page 49: Using The Party Chain Function

    Using the Party Chain function You can connect multiple audio systems in a chain to create a more interesting party environment and to produce higher sound output. An activated system in the chain will be the “Party Host” and share the music. Other systems will become “Party Guests”...
  • Page 50 You can change the Party Host to another system in the chain. For details, • • see “To select a new Party Host (when all the systems are equipped with Party Chain function)” (page 51).  If one of the systems is not equipped with Party Chain function Example: When connecting using this system as the first system Continue the connection until...
  • Page 51 When one of the systems in the chain • • Enjoying the Party Chain is performing USB transfer, wait for the system to complete or stop the transfer before you activate the Party Chain Plug in the AC power cord function.
  • Page 52: Singing Along: Karaoke

    Start playing the music and Setting the Party Chain sound adjust the microphone volume. mode Press MIC ECHO repeatedly to adjust the echo effect. You can set the sound mode when Start singing along with the the Party Chain function is activated. music.
  • Page 53: Enjoying Sound From A Guitar

    Note Activating the Karaoke scoring If the guitar sound is distorted, reduce • • mode (Score Mode) the guitar volume level on your guitar until the distorted sound disappears. You only can use scoring function If the guitar volume level is too low, touch MIC/GUITAR LEVEL + on the unit when the microphone is connected.
  • Page 54: Using The Sleep Timer

    Note Using the Sleep Timer The Voice Guidance and the SAMPLER • • sound effect cannot be output at the The system turns off automatically same time. If you select SAMPLER after the preset time. sound effect while using the Voice Guidance, the Voice Guidance will be stopped automatically, and if you use Press SLEEP repeatedly to select...
  • Page 55: Deactivating The Touch Panel On The Unit (child Lock)

    AC power cord (mains lead). Child Lock function cannot be activated • • For customers in Latin America: when you open the disc tray. <> For customers in Europe and Setting the automatic Russia: <> standby function...
  • Page 56: Additional Information

    There is no picture/sound when action. connected to the HDMI OUT (TV) If the problem persists, consult your jack. nearest Sony dealer. Change the setting in [HDMI • • SETUP] – [HDMI RESOLUTION]. The Note that if the service personnel problem may be solved.
  • Page 57 The disc tray does not open and cooling fans of the system may be “LOCKED” appears on the display. heard when the system is turned Consult your nearest Sony dealer • • on. This is not a malfunction. or local authorized Sony service Move the unit away from the neon •...
  • Page 58 Playback does not start from the USB device first track. Transferring results in an error. Set the play mode to Normal Play • • You are using an unsupported USB • • (page 27). device. Check the information on Resume Play has been selected. •...
  • Page 59 There is noise, skipping, or there is no problem with the USB distorted sound. device. If this display pattern You are using an unsupported USB persists, contact your nearest Sony • • device. Check the information on dealer. the website about compatible USB Erroneous display.
  • Page 60 Playback does not start. (Except for Latin American, • • European, and Russian models) Turn off the system and reconnect • • Make sure you set the color the USB device, then turn on the system correctly, according to your system.
  • Page 61 The subtitles cannot be turned off. Connection is not possible. The DVD VIDEO prohibits turning The BLUETOOTH device you • • • • off subtitles. attempted to connect does not support the A2DP profile, and The camera angles cannot be cannot be connected with the changed.
  • Page 62 If there is equipment that The system does not turn off even • • generates electromagnetic when the TV is turned off. radiation, such as a wireless LAN, Check the setting of [HDMI • • other BLUETOOTH device, or a SETUP] –...
  • Page 63: Resetting The System

    • — Tuner-related devices: up to Depending on the order in which • • you connect the TV and the 4 devices • — Audio system (receiver/ system, the system may be muted and “MUTING” lights up on display headphone): up to 1 device of the unit.
  • Page 64 Press / repeatedly to select self-diagnosis function. [RESET], then press Contact your nearest • • Sony dealer or local Press / repeatedly to select authorized Sony service [YES], then press facility and give the It takes a few seconds to complete.
  • Page 65 A DVD VIDEO with unsupported NO DISC • • region code was inserted. There is no disc in the unit. NO MUSIC CODE 01/SGNL ERR An unsupported audio signal is No supported audio files exist in the input from the connected TV’s HDMI playback source.
  • Page 66: Precautions

    On handling the system Precautions This system is not drip-proof or waterproof. Make sure not to splash water on the system or clean it with water. When carrying the unit On placement To avoid damaging the disc mechanism, perform the following Do not place the system in an inclined •...
  • Page 67 BLUETOOTH technology. following conditions. • • Sony cannot be held liable in any way — When a person, metal object, wall for damages or other loss resulting or other obstruction is between from information leaks during...
  • Page 68: Specifications

    HDMI section Specifications Connector: Type A (19 pin) Speaker section Disc player section Speaker system: System: 3-way, Sound Pressure Horn Compact disc and digital audio Speaker unit: and video system Tweeter L/R: 40 mm, cone type Laser Diode Properties Midrange L/R: 80 mm, cone type Emission Duration: Continuous Woofer: 200 mm, cone type Laser Output*: Less than 44.6 μW...
  • Page 69: Supported Audio Formats

    Frequency band: Supported video formats 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz – Xvid: 2.4835 GHz) Video codec: Xvid video Modulation method: Bit rate: 4.854 Mbps (MAX) FHSS (Freq Hopping Spread Resolution/Frame rate: Spectrum) 720 × 480, 30 fps Compatible BLUETOOTH profiles* 720 × 576, 25 fps (except for Latin A2DP (Advanced Audio American model) Distribution Profile)
  • Page 70: Language Code List

    Language code list The language spellings conform to the ISO 639:1988 (E/F) standard. Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language 1027 Afar 1186 Scots Gaelic 1350 Malayalam 1513 Siswati 1028 Abkhazian 1194 Galician 1352 Mongolian 1514 Sesotho 1032 Afrikaans 1196 Guarani 1353...
  • Page 71 Parental Control area code list Code Area Code Area Code Area Code Area 2044 Argentina 2165 Finland 2362 Mexico 2149 Spain 2047 Australia 2174 France 2376 Netherlands 2499 Sweden 2046 Austria 2109 Germany 2390 New Zealand 2086 Switzerland 2057 Belgium 2248 India 2379...
  • Page 72 ©2017 Sony Corporation Printed in China 4-689-512-12(1)

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