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Motorola MBP83SN User Manual page 18

Smart nursery humidifier+


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I am not able to access
my Device.
Setting Up
While I am adding a
new Device to my
account, I am not able
to find any Device to
Setting Up
During setup on
devices for Android™
and iOS, I am not able
to find my Device
during the last step and
the setup fails.
Which platforms are
supported for
accessing my Device?
Please check if the Device is within
Wi-Fi range. If the LED on your Device
is flashing slowly, please try to move
the Device closer to the router for
better Wi-Fi connectivity and try
If you are trying to add a Device which
has previously been added into your
account or another account, you will
first have to reset the Device. This can
be done by tapping the PAIR button
Please reset the Device to setup
mode and try again. Tap the PAIR
button on the Device untill you hear a
beep. Wait for a minute for the Device
to restart. When the Device LED is
flashing, this indicates that it is in setup
mode. Now restart the setup from
your smartphone again.
Minimum requirement:
Android™ 4.2
iPhone /iPad iOS version 8.0

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents