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Recommendations For Use And Care - Motorola MBP83SN User Manual

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6. Recommendations for Use and Care

• Empty the water tank, wipe all surfaces dry, and refill the water in the
humidifier daily to reduce any growth of microorganisms; follow the
instructions in "Fill up the Water Tank and Install Water Filter" on page 7
when changing water in the Humidifier. Be sure you unplug the humidifier
from the mains power socket first.
• Use water with low mineral content, such as bottled water labelled with
"distilled" to prevent the build-up of scale and the dispersal of minerals into
the air. Even though distilled water still contains some minerals, it has lower
mineral content than most tap water.
• Do not humidify to indoor relative humidity levels exceeding 50 percent.
Higher humidity levels may encourage the growth of biological organisms in
the home. Hygrometers, available at local hardware stores, may be used to
measure humidity levels. If water condenses on windows, walls, or pictures,
relocate the humidifier, lower its humidistat setting, or reduce its use.
• Do not let the area around the humidifier to become damp or wet. If
dampness occurs, turn the output volume of the humidifier down. If the
humidifier output volume cannot be turned down, use the humidifier
intermittently. Do not let absorbent materials, such as carpeting, drapes, or
tablecloths, to become damp.
• Clean the humidifier, as directed, at the end of the humidifying season or
when the product will not be in frequent use. Before storage, make sure all
the parts are dry. Dispose of all used demineralization cartridges, cassettes,
or filters. Store the humidifier in a dry place. After storage, clean the
humidifier again and remove any dust on the outside.
• Stop using your humidifier and contact your physician if you have respiratory
symptoms which you believe are associated with periods of use of your
humidifier, even if you are following maintenance directions.There may be
bacteria growth if water remains in the water tank for more than 24 hours. As
such, clean the humidifier daily.
• Every effort has been made to ensure high standards of reliability of your
humidifier. However, if something does go wrong, please do not try to repair
it yourself - contact Customer Service for assistance.
Recommendations for Use and Care



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