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Bluetooth Function - Sony X-7BT Operating Instructions Manual

In-car bluetooth commander
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Table of Contents
 Check that the battery of
remote commander becomes
 If you use an iPhone, update
iOS to the latest version.
NFC function
One touch connection (NFC) is
not possible.
 If the smartphone does not
respond to the touching.
 Check that the NFC function
of the smartphone is turned
 Move the N-Mark part of the
smartphone closer to the N-
Mark part on this remote
 If the smartphone is in a case,
remove it.
 NFC receiving sensitivity
depends on the device.
If One touch connection with
the smartphone fails several
times, make BLUETOOTH
connection manually.

BLUETOOTH function

The connecting device cannot
detect this adaptor.
 Before the pairing is made, set
this adaptor to pairing standby
 While connected to a
BLUETOOTH device, this adaptor
cannot be detected from
another device.
 Disconnect the current
connection and search for this
adaptor from another device.
No ringtone.
 Depending on the connecting
device, the ringtone may not be
sent properly.
The sound skips during playback
of a BLUETOOTH audio device.
 Reduce the distance between
the adaptor and the
BLUETOOTH audio device.
 If the BLUETOOTH audio device
is stored in a case which
interrupts the signal, remove
the audio device from the case
during use.
 Several BLUETOOTH devices or
other devices which emit radio
waves are in use nearby.
 Turn off the other devices.
 Increase the distance from
the other devices.
 The playback sound stops
momentarily when the
connection between this
adaptor and the smartphone is
being made. This is not a



Table of Contents

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