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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Sony X-7BT Operating Instructions Manual

In-car bluetooth commander
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Table of Contents
Using Siri Eyes Free
Siri Eyes Free allows you to use an
iPhone handsfree by simply
speaking into the microphone.
You can perform the handsfree
registration for an iPhone that
supports Siri Eyes Free. Availability
is limited iPhone 4s or later. Make
sure that your iPhone is running
the latest iOS version.
Activate the Siri function on
the iPhone.
For details, refer to the
operating instructions
supplied with the iPhone.
Press VOICE.
The voice command display
After the iPhone beeps, speak
into the microphone.
The iPhone beeps again, then
Siri starts responding.
To deactivate Siri Eyes Free
Press VOICE.
 The iPhone may not recognize your
voice depending on usage
 The iPhone may not recognize your
voice under noisy conditions such
as loud sound from the car audio,
road noise or air conditioner noise.
 Siri Eyes Free may not function
properly, or the response time may
lag in locations where iPhone
signals are difficult to receive.
 There is no audio sound while Siri
Eyes Free is activated.

Additional Information


The following checklist will help
you remedy problems you may
encounter with your adaptor and
remote commander.
Before going through the checklist
below, check the connection and
operating procedures.
If the problem is not solved, visit
the support site on the reference
guide (separate document).
No sound or the sound is very
 The volume of the connected
device is very low.
 Increase the volume of the
connected device.
 Check that the adaptor is
connected to the car audio unit
with the AUX cable.
 Check that the source of the car
audio unit is set to the AUX
The smartphone does not work.
 Check that the emitter on the
remote commander is not
covered with your fingers.
 Check that the adaptor is
installed to a site where it can
receive the IR signal of the
remote commander.



Table of Contents

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