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Casio Catalyst 3750-E Installation Manual page 2

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Table of Contents
Preparing for Installation
To prevent the switch from overheating, do not operate it in an area that exceeds the maximum
recommended ambient temperature of 113°F (45°C). To prevent airflow restriction, allow at least
3 inches (7.6 cm) of clearance around the ventilation openings. Statement 17B
Before working on equipment that is connected to power lines, remove jewelry (including rings,
necklaces, and watches). Metal objects will heat up when connected to power and ground and can
cause serious burns or weld the metal object to the terminals. Statement 43
Do not stack the chassis on any other equipment. If the chassis falls, it can cause severe bodily injury
and equipment damage. Statement 48
An exposed wire lead from a DC-input power source can conduct harmful levels of electricity. Be sure
that no exposed portion of the DC-input power source wire extends from the terminal block plug.
Statement 122
Ethernet cables must be shielded when used in a central office environment. Statement 171
Do not reach into a vacant slot or chassis while you install or remove a module or a fan. Exposed
circuitry could constitute an energy hazard. Statement 206
If a redundant power system (RPS) is not connected to the switch, install an RPS connector cover on
the back of the switch. Statement 265
Voice over IP (VoIP) service and the emergency calling service do not function if power fails or is
disrupted. After power is restored, you might have to reset or reconfigure equipment to regain access
to VoIP and the emergency calling service. In the USA, this emergency number is 911. You need to be
aware of the emergency number in your country. Statement 361
Attach only the following Cisco RPS model to the RPS receptacle: RPS 2300. Statement 370
Read the wall-mounting instructions carefully before beginning installation. Failure to use the
correct hardware or to follow the correct procedures could result in a hazardous situation to people
and damage to the system. Statement 378
Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning activity.
Statement 1001
Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E Switch Hardware Installation Guide
Chapter 2
Switch Installation


Table of Contents

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