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Basic Functions; Selecting The Source; Adjusting The Master Volume; Adjusting The Tone - Philips 1015D Owner's Manual

Dvd/cd player - digital a/v surround receiver.
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Basic Functions

Selecting the source

Press one of the SOURCE SELECT buttons (VCR, TV,
CDR, TUNER or DVD) to select the input source.
The selected source will be displayed.

Adjusting the master volume

The master volume adjusts all speaker channels at the same
Rotate the VOLUME knob on the front panel (or press
VOL +/- on the remote control).

Adjusting the tone

The tone controls only affect the front left and right
Press TONE once to select Bass adjustment.
Press TONE again to select Treble adjustment.
While in Bass or Treble adjustment mode, press à / á to
adjust the selected Bass or Treble level.
Press TONE for the third time to exit.
– If no button is pressed within a few seconds, the player will
exit the tone mode automatically.

Muting the Sound

Press MUTE to mute the speaker output, the "MUTE"
icon will appear on the display.
To restore the volume, press MUTE again.

Dimming the display screen

Press DISPLAY will dim the display by a third.
Press DISPLAY again will dim the display by another third.
Press DISPLAY the third time will return the display to
the original brightness.
Selecting output modes -
surround sound & sound effects
The number of output modes varies according to the
system setup and the input source. A list of all output
modes is shown below.
For proper surround sound, make sure you have
followed the Connections and System Setup
procedure fully.
Press SURR. MODE (or MODE on the remote control)
to select the available output modes.
Dolby Digital Surround
The Dolby Digital Surround system requires connection of
all five speakers (front left, center, front right, surround right,
surround left) for correct surround sound reproduction.
This 5.1 channel digital surround format allows for five
individual full-range (20Hz - 20kHz) channels plus an LFE
(Low Frequency Effects) channel for the low-range
(20Hz - 120kHz) effects. It creates a realistic sound similar
to theater and cinema. A large number of DVD discs have
recorded in Dolby Digital Surround.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround
The Dolby Pro Logic Surround system is a specially
encoded two channels analog format that will produce
sound through four speaker channels (front left, center,
front right, monaural surround) when a Dolby Pro Logic
Decoder is used. It is also compatible with stereo systems
but the user will only have two channels (Front Left &
Right) of sound.
Dolby 3 Stereo
Dolby 3 Stereo produces sound through three speaker
channels (front left, center, front right) from a two channels
analog signal. It is not a surround format, so it does not
require surround speakers.
All sound is reproduced and played through the front left
and right speakers. This enables standard stereo


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