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System Setup; Setting Up The Digital Cinema System; Speakers Placement; Speakers Setup - Philips 1015D Owner's Manual

Dvd/cd player - digital a/v surround receiver.
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System Setup

Setting up the Digital
Cinema system
You must connect all the speakers and set up the system
properly in order to enjoy the Digital Cinema experience
at home. You will have the feeling of being in the middle of
the action, because sound is coming from everywhere
around you. The subwoofer can enhance the bass
performance of your system dramatically. Look for discs
with the
marks which indicates the material is
encoded for surround sound.
The availability of the various surround sound modes
depends on the number of speakers used and the incoming
sound information available on the disc.

Speakers Placement

General hints for positioning
Avoid positioning the speakers in a corner or on the floor
as this will boost the bass tones too much. Placing the
speakers behind curtains, furniture, etc., will reduce the
treble response.
The speakers should be visible from the listening area.
For the best surround effects, install all speakers. If a center
speaker or subwoofer is not connected, the sound from the
unused channel will be distributed to the connected
speakers in order to reproduce the best possible surround
Each room has different acoustic characteristics and the
positioning possibilities often are limited. You can find the
best position for your speakers by experimenting or
referring to the picture below.
Positioning the front speakers
The front speakers should be placed to the right and left at
an angle of approximately 45 degrees from the listening
Positioning the center speaker
The center speaker should be placed in the center between
both front speakers and should always be placed in line
with the television (e.g. underneath or on top of the TV).
The best height for the center speaker is the height of the
listener's ears (while seated).
Positioning the surround speakers
The surround speakers should face each other and be
placed at normal listening ear level or mounted on the wall
at the back of the room.
Positioning the Subwoofer
Place the subwoofer on a solid floor where resonance is
unlikely to occur. The subwoofer can be positioned
anywhere in the room because it is not possible to locate
the source of deep tones. Nevertheless, you should not
place it in the center of a room, the bass could be
extremely weakened. Do not place an object on the
– To avoid magnetic interference with the picture on your TV,
do not position the front speakers too close to the TV.

Speakers Setup

Before operating your system in TV, VCR or CDR mode,
you will need to set up the speaker configuration and the
distance from the listening position to each speaker. For
speaker setup in DVD mode, refer to "DVD/CD operation
- Audio Set".
– It is only necessary to set the parameters once unless you
change the speaker configuration.
Setting the speaker size
Press SYSTEM MENU to enter System Setup mode.
Press £ to select Speaker Setup.
Press £ to select Speaker Size Setup mode.
Use ( / ) to select a different speaker :
"LR" – front left/right, "LRG"– large, "SML"– small,
"CEN" – center, "SUR" – surround or "SUB" – subwoofer.
Use à / á to adjust the setting.
Press £ to save these settings or press EXIT to leave
setup mode.


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