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Digital Out; Parental Control - Philips 1015D Owner's Manual

Dvd/cd player - digital a/v surround receiver.
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Digital Out

Set up the Digital Audio output for a 5.1 Receiver/Decoder. This menu enables you to set the type
of 5.1 output according to your Decoder/Amplifier. The form of each type of Data (Dolby Digital, MPEG
or DTS) can be set as a Bitstream or PCM format to suit your Dolby & DTS decoders.

Parental Control

Some DVD discs have a parental level assigned to the disc.
The range of parental controls is from 1 to 8. The meaning
of the levels 1 to 8 varies depending upon the country and
the type of content on the disc.
The player can be set in a similar way. If the player's
parental level is set to 8, it will play all discs. If the player's
parental level is set below 8, only discs with a lower or
equal level will play. For example, if the player is set to 5,
only discs with parental control ratings of 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 will
play. To play a higher rated disc, you must change the
player's rating to a higher number.
Alternative scenes with a lower rating might be included.
The player plays the highest rated scene that the parental
setting allows. For example, consider a disc that generally is
suitable for most audiences, and it is rated as level 2 for the
most part. However, in the middle, there are also scenes
rated at 5 (not suitable for children).
Parental Control
[ Parental ]
[ Return ]
[ Digital out ]
Example showing how to set parental level to 3.
[ Level ]
The player is delivered without a password. When you set
the parental level for the first time, you are invited to enter
your own password (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4). This becomes the
password for the player. You must know this password
in order to change it. Some films do not have
parental control, the disc will play regardless of
the player setting.
Parental Lock password erase
Press and hold FREQUENCY 3 on the front panel
while unplug and plug-in the power cord.
"PAS ERASE" will be displayed.
Wait until "PASSWORD ERASE OK" appear on the TV
display, the player will then switch to standby mode 20
seconds later.
X 4
< 3 >
[4 digits password ]


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