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Washing Dishes; Programme Data; Aqua Sensor; Remaining Running Time Display - Siemens SE 66T372 Instructions For Use Manual

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Washing dishes

Reduce costs!
If only a small number of dishes have
been loaded into the dishwasher, selecting
a programme that operates at the next
lowest temperature will usually suffice.

Programme data

The stated programme data are based on
standard operating conditions. The values
can vary considerably according to:
different amounts of dishes
temperature of mains water supply
pressure of mains water supply
ambient temperature
fluctuations in mains voltage
machine-related factors (e.g.
temperature, water volume, ...).

Aqua sensor *

* on applicable models
The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring
device which measures the turbidity of the
rinsing water. A light barrier can detect
dissolved food remnants in the water, e.g.
egg, fat and oats.
The Aqua sensor is used according to
the programme. When the Aqua sensor
is active, "clean" rinsing water may be
transferred into the next rinsing bath
and/or the temperature adjusted. If the
turbidity is greater, the water is drained
and is replaced with fresh water. In this
way the water consumption is reduced by
approx. 4 litres for utensils which are "less"
Downloaded from Manuals
Switching the dishwasher ON
Turn on the tap.
Set main switch
Indicators light up according to the last
programme that was selected.
This same programme will run again if
no other programme button
The numerical display
expected duration of the programme.
Close door.
The programme starts automatically.
Optical indicator during
operation *
* With some models
During the rinse programme a light point
appears on the floor below the device's
door. Only open the dishwasher door
when the light point has disappeared.
In the case of built-in dishwashers with
flush front the light point will not be visible.

Remaining running time display

When the appliance has started, the
expected programme running time is
displayed. The programmed running time
is affected by the water temperature, the
number of dishes, as well as the degree
of soiling. If these conditions are changed,
the running time (depending on the
selected programme) can vary greatly.
As the effect is not detected until a
programme is running, the time may
be longer or shorter than expected.
to ON.
shows the


Table of Contents