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Installation; Fresh Water Connection; Electrical Connection; Waste Water Connection - Siemens SE 66T372 Instructions For Use Manual

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The dishwasher must be connected by
a qualified technician to ensure correct
operation. The specifications for supply,
drainage and connected load must fulfil
the required criteria as stated in the
following paragraphs or in the installation
Install the appliance in the following
– Check the delivery
– Install the appliance
– Connect the waste water
– Connect the fresh water
– Connect the power supply
Your dishwasher was checked at the
factory to ensure that it was in perfect
working order. This may have left some
small water stains in the dishwasher.
These will disappear after the first rinse
The required installation dimensions can
be found in the installation instructions.
Using the height-adjustable feet, adjust the
appliance until it is level. Ensure that the
appliance is standing firmly.

Waste water connection

See the installation instructions for the
required connection steps. If required,
attach a siphon with drainage spigot.
Using the enclosed parts, connect the
waste water hose to the drainage spigot
of the siphon.
Ensure that the drainage hose is not
kinked, crushed or twisted (ensure that
there is no sealing cover which prevents
the waster water from flowing away!).
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Fresh water connection

Using the enclosed parts, connect the
fresh water connection to the tap
according to the installation instructions.
Ensure that the fresh water connection is
not kinked, crushed or twisted.
When replacing the appliance, always
connect a new water supply hose to the
water supply. The old supply hose must
not be re-used.
Water pressure:
Minimum 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar) – maximum
1 MPa (10 bar).
If the water pressure is higher, install a
pressure reducing valve.
Flow rate:
Minimum of 10 litres per minute.
Water temperature:
We recommend cold water connection

Electrical connection

This appliance should only be connected
to a 230V / 240V AC source via a properly
installed earthed socket. See nameplate
for size of required fuse.
The socket must be installed close to the
If you need to extend the mains
connecting lead, do not cut off the plug.
Replace the whole cable, which can be
disconnected at the junction box on the
rear of the appliance.
If the domestic wiring includes a residual-
current-operated (FI) circuit-breaker, make
sure that it bears the
this type conforms to the latest regulations
mark, as only


Table of Contents

Table of Contents