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MAG 254 User Manual



Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for MAG 254

  • Page 1 User Guide 2 | Connecting the receiver 3 | Wi-Fi Setup 4 | Using the system 5 | Catch-Up 6 | The remote control 7 | Troubleshooting...
  • Page 2 2 | Connecting the receiver - MAG CONNECTING THE RECEIVER Place the receiver close to your TV and connect it to your Internet connection with a network cable. If you want to connect the receiver wirelessly, you need a USB WiFi adapter which can be purchased separately.
  • Page 3 Please note that this setup is only needed if you are NOT connected to your receiver with a network cable! To connect your MAG receiver to WiFi, you need a USB WiFi adapter which can be purchased separately. For this setup you will need the Keyboard button (KB) to enter text.
  • Page 4 4 | Using the system - MAG USING THE SYSTEM PROGRAMME GUIDE - EPG When the system is booted, you get a message on the screen that says LOADING ... After a while TVonIP will load the system. To view the programme guide, press the EPG button, and you...
  • Page 5 Catch-Up - MAG | 5 CATCH-UP Via the Catch-Up service you have access to a huge library of past programmes with up to 14 days back-up on almost all channels. Watch what you want, when you want. HOW TO USE THE FUNCTION...
  • Page 6: The Remote Control

    6 | The remote control - MAG THE REMOTE CONTROL There are three different remotes for the MAG receiver - find yours below To get to the EPG, press the EPG button. Pressing the same button brings you back to the channel you watched last.
  • Page 7: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting - MAG | 7 TROUBLESHOOTING QUICK RESTART If you experience problems, the menu button should be your first choice. Your receiver is very much like a computer in a small package, and it needs a reboot every once in a while. This reboot only takes seconds and is much faster than if you unplug it.
  • Page 8 8 | Troubleshooting - MAG IMAGE FREEZES If the image freezes, you can try to manually change the buffer size of your MAG box. Press the SETUP- or SET button on your remote. Select “Advanced settings” and press OK. Navigate down to “Buffer Size (ms)”.

Table of Contents