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MAG MAG250 Instruction Manual

MAG MAG250 Instruction Manual

High definition iptv set-top-box


Serial Number:
Q.C. representative
Dear customer! Thank you for purchasing this
in case the mentioned above documents are
product and we hope you like it.
not presented or the filled in it information is
not complete or unreadable.
Your warranty
2. The present warranty does not enable the
By virtue of the present Coupon the absence of
right for compensation and cover of loss
defects in manufacturing of the product and its
received as a result of rearrangement of the
compounds is warranted for a year-term counted
since date of purchase.
3. The present guarantee is invalid if model or
If during the mentioned warranty term the defects
serial number of the product is altered,
of materials or operation of product will be found,
erased, removed or unreadable.
the product would be repaired or its defective parts
4. The present warranty does not cover the
would be replaced free of charge in the service
center according to the follwing conditions.
4.1. any adaptations and alterations with the
aim of perfection and widening of the
common scope of the product application
1. The present warranty is only valid if the
specified in the Manual.
defective product is provided with properly
4.2. devices not specified in the coupon.
filled in Warranty Service Coupon. If date of
4.3. damage caused in result of:
purchase is not pointed, the warranty term is
а) improper maintenance including but not
counted since date of the product manufac-
limited by following:
turing which is defined under serial number.
(1) use of the product not according to its
Service center reserves the right to refuse
intended purpose or Manual,
free warranty service and parts replacement
Warranty Service Coupon
Date of Purchase: ___________________________________________________________________
Company-Seller: ____________________________________________________________________
Address of Company-Seller: ___________________________________________________________
I have no claims as to appearance and package contents. I accept the conditions of warranty service.
Signature of Customer:
MANUFACTURER: "Telecommunication Technologies" Ltd, 1-A Tamozhennaya Square Odessa 65026 Ukraine
Thanks you for
Safe Using
choosing our "IPTV
Warning, Attention
Please pay your attention to footnotes with symbols that warn
about the potential dangerous situations, such as
Follow the instructions of the present
Manual to immerse yourself in the world
Such symbol points to the dangerous actions
of digital television.
which may cause injure the user.
Please read carefully the present manual
before using the product.
Please keep the present manual at hand
for referring to it in your further actions.
Points the situations described in the present
Your services provider should supply
instruction which may cause danger to the
you the separate manual containing the
arrangement or to other equipment.
information, how to access to the
services that are provided by service
provider of the digital television.
Pictograms: Warning and Attention are included into present
User's Manual to ensure your safety and the product proper main-
tenance. Please follow the very instructions.
Use the accessories supplied with your arrangement or recom-
mended by the manufacturer only.
Using of the accessories which are not supplied or not sanctioned
by the manufacturer may be dangerous for the User or do harm
to the arrangement operation.
Using of the not appropriate accessories eliminates guarantees of
the product therewith.
Water and Moisture
To avoid damage which can cause ignition of the present product
or lesion to the User with electrical current, the product and its
accessories should not be undergone with any liquids, rain or
high moisture.
Don't use the present product in the places where it may be
exposed to the contact with a liquid or vapour.
License for Software
Warranty for the Software
To the maximum extent, according to applicable
Software Use Agreement
law, the Company does not make any submission
IMPORTANT – read carefully: when using the
and declines any and all warranties, whether exp-
Software with your device, you agree thereby with
ress or implied, as to the Software, including, with
every clauses of the Software Use Agreement. If
no limitations, any implied demand warranties,
you do not agree with the terms and conditions of
correspondence to target destination, abuse of
the Software Use Agreement, you should immedi-
rights of third parties, neither those being result of
ately stop using the device and return it to your
interrelations or result of commerce. The Company
services provider completely.
does not guarantee the Software will be free of
License provision; limitations
defects or errors; that any defects or errors will be
According to this Agreement, Telecommunication
corrected, or any function abilities of the Software
Technologies, Ltd and your services provider are
will meet all your requirements.
jointly to provide you with non-exclusive and non-
transferrable license, without the right to subli-
To the maximum extent, according to applicable
cense, for use of all software and documents with
law, the Company, its suppliers or licensors does
the product only. You recognize and acknowledge
not bear responsibility for probable loss of profit,
that Telecommunication Technologies and your
suspension of activity, loss of information, or data,
services' provider may regularly renew, change or
or monetary funds, or for indirect, unforeseen,
extend the product software abilities. You confirm
special, punitive or other loss or damage, which
happen under this Agreement, use thereof or
a) You will not take attempts to change or extend
inability to use the Software, even in the case the
or decompile or disassembly or redesign, nor
Company or its suppliers or licensors have been
otherwise get access to the software source code.
informed of the possibility of such losses or
b) You will not take attempts to delete or upload
the product software. Any sale or transfer of the
product will be ruled hereby.
This Agreement and licenses provided hereafter
should be cancelled immediately, if you are unable
The Manufacturer and the Manufacturer's own
to meet the license restrictions, as specified herein.
licensors keep all the rights constituting owner-
The Company may cancel such agreement without
ship, including patent, copyright, trademark, and
prior notice.
other intellectual property for the Software; and
After expiration of validity hereof, you should
any improvement and modification of the Soft-
return all the Software, documents and accessories
ware. You recognize and acknowledge that the
to the services supplier.
license according hereof does not grant you
ownership for the Software but only restricted
right of use it, according to provisions of this
The set includes as follows:
IPTV Set-Top-Box
-1 pc.
External Power Supply Unit
-1 pc.
IR Remote Control
-1 pc.
АА batteries
-2 pc.
Instruction manual
-1 pc.
Package box
-1 pc.
Optionally the set may include as
3RCA to 3,5 mm jack cable
-1 pc.
LAN network cable
-1 pc.
HDMI to HDMI cable
-1 pc.
(2) mounting and maintenance of the product
in conditions not corresponding to safety
standards and regulations valid in the
country of use
(3) incorrect software installation (provides by
service operator)
b) repair performed by not authorized service
centers or dealers;
c) accidents, lightning stroke, flood, fire,
incorrect ventilation;
d) transporting excluding cases when it is
carried out by ASC.
e) faults of system in which the present
product had been using.
5. The present warranty does not encroach on
legitimate rights of the customer enabled to
him by the existing legislation and rights of
the customer related to the dealer which
may appear from the purchase-sale
agreement had been concluded by them.
(to be filled in by a shop-assistant)
Place of Stamp
of Company-Seller
Maintenance of Product
The product should not be disassembled.
The tries of the disassembling of the product
may be dangerous for your life and for
serviceability of the product. The selfsup-
porting disassembling invalidates you the
product guarantee.
The maitenance should be effected by
qualified specialists in service centers only.
The product possesses protective sealings.
Breaking or changing of the mentioned
sealings invalidates guarantee of the
The product and accessories should be rub-
bed with dry cloth or tissue only.
To ensure safety, before shell cleaning switch
the power supply off the alternative current
The shell may be cleaned from persistent
spots with a slightly wet cloth or cleaning
Don't use cleaner or polish, benzol, solvents,
abrasive items, liquid or aerosol detergent
means for the product and accessories
This Agreement is governed by the Law of Ukraine,
regardless of its principles and conflicts. You agree
thereby all disputes arising out of this Agreement
will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction and be
considered in State Courts in Ukraine, and you
agree thereby for personal and exclusive jurisdic-
tion and consideration of cases by those Courts.
If any of terms or conditions hereof proves to be
invalid by any applicable article or legal norms, it is
deemed invalid. Any breach or default in payment,
or any delay in implementation of any right will
not be reason for further breach or default in
payment. This Agreement is entire and exclusive
agreement by and between you and the Company
and prevails over any and all previous, whether
oral or written, agreements and arrangements.
This Agreement is subject to change in writing
only, by duly authorized representative of the
Physical Parameters
Decoding of transport stream Power Supply Interface
Model MAG250 Micro
Specification of transport
Dimensions (approximately):
87 mm depth,
127 mm width,
Video Decoder: MPEG-4p10/H.264
30 mm height
Operation temperature:
33°F - 104°F (1°C -40°C)
5% ~ 93% RH
Video resolution: HD (1080i or 720p),
(without condensate)
Ethernet Interface
Graphics resolution:
Ethernet Connector:
RJ-45 shielded
UTP and STP 5 categories
Auto-choice 10/100 Mbit/sec
Green - Connection,
Yellow - Activity
Audio Decoder:
USB Interface
USB 2.0
Analog Audio
Audio connectors: TRRS,
(On adapter cable:
White=Left channel,
Red=Right channel)
2 V RMS nominal
10 KW
Service Centers List:
Northern & Southern America:
Infomir USA , Inc
15 Surfway S., Calverton, NY 11933
1 Block 18, 5th entrance, of. 9, Skladochnaya Str, Moscow 127018
Other countries:
"Telecommunication Technologies" Ltd
1-A Tamozhennaya Sq. Odessa 65026 Ukraine
Additional Information:
Additional and extended information as to service centers you can see by reference:
General information as to the attachment you can receive by reference:
Updated software is accessible by the following references:
Description of the inner portal is accessible by reference:
Notice of Copyright
©Telecommunication Technologies Ltd. All rights
Инфомир, Infomir are the trademarks of Infomir
The information contained herein is the property
Dolby and double-D symbol is the trademark of
of Telecommunication Technologies Ltd. (the
Dolby Laboratories.
Company). Not any part hereof can be copied,
Made under authority of Dolby Laboratories.
reprinted, transferred, retyped, saved in search
HDMI is the trademark of HDMI Licensing, LLC
engine, modified or translated into any other
Secure Media is the trademark of Secure Media
language, including computer one, nor
Natick, MA.
sublicensed in any way, whether electronic,
Verimatrix is the trademark of Verimatrix, Inc.
mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual
Macrovision is a USA patent no. 4,631,603,
or other one, without prior written consent by the
4,577,216 and 4,819,098 licensed for users under
Company Manager responsible for the Product,
located at: 1a, Tamozhennaya Sq., Odessa 65026,
the system paid – seen.
The product includes the copyright protection
technology, protected by American patents and
Any illegal use of the materials contained herein,
by any person, will lead the person to the
other intellectual property rights.
responsibility for the Company's damages.
The use of the protection technology should be
authorized by the Macrovision Company and used
Legal Clause
for domestic use or use in the system paid-seen,
The Company will not bear any responsibility for
unless otherwise allowed by the Macrovision
any errors/mistakes, contained herein, neither any
Company. Redesigning and disassembling is
loss nor damage resulting from or related to this
or the information contained herein, even if the
Company has been notified of such loss or
damage probability.
FCC registration and requirements
This document is intended for acquaintance with
The following paragraphs specify requirements
and training only. The Company reserves the right
and information based on the Federal
for changing specifications and other information
Communication Committee Rules
contained herein, without prior notice.
Federal Communication Committee Rules,
Part 15
Warranty for your product is supplied via your
The device has been tested and proved
services' provider. In the event your product
corresponding to the Class B digital hardware
requires maintenance service, you should contact
parameters, according to Part 15 of the Federal
the services' supplier directly.
Communication Committee Rules. The Rules have
been developed to reduce the harmful affect to
MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818
DC cylindrical
2.5mm x 5.5mm
current, center plus
5V ± 10%
Less than 7.5 W
MPEG-4 p2 MPEG-2
in typical conditions
VC-1 (optional)
Video Cables
4:3, 16:9
Composite Video Interface
NTSC (720x480i),
(Yellow connector on
PAL (720x576i)
adapter cable)
1920 x 1080,
Outer Power Supply Unit
1280 x 720 for HD,
Pulse with universal inlet
720x480 for NTSC and
110~240 V AC
720x576 for PAL,
50~60 Hz,0.2 A max
ARGB 32-bit,
Alpha blending
5 V DC, 3 A
Dolby Digital (AC-3)-optional,
MPG-1 layers I & II,
MPEG-1/2 layers III
(mp3) - optional,
cardboard box
Dimensions (approx.):
57 mm height,
HE AAC v2 - optional,
220 mm width,
16-bit PCM
157 mm depth
Shipping Weight:
580 gr.
living environment. The equipment generates,
uses and may emit radio-frequency energy, if is
not installed neither used in accordance with the
manual that causes radio interference. However, in
specific installation, no guarantee exists the radio
interference fail to appear. To correct the
interference, the following should be given a try:
• To increase distance between the equipment
and receiver.
• To connect the equipment in other way
• To take reference from dealer or skilled tele-
radio technician.
The device corresponds to Federal
Communication Committee Rules, Part 15, and is
governed by the following two conditions:
• The device should not cause harmful affect
• The device should accept any interference in,
including the one able to cause unwanted
Company name: Telecommunication Technologies
1a, Tamozhennaya Sq., Odessa 65026, Ukraine
The Product:
MAG250 Micro IPTV Set-Top Box
Power supply:
DC 5 V, 1.5A, Class III
IEC 60065:2001 CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60065-03 UL
EEC 72/23/EEC и 89/336/EEC.
Directive WEEE (2002/96/EC)
The Product is in accordance with the Directive



Summary of Contents for MAG MAG250

  • Page 1 FCC registration and requirements Expiration product will be ruled hereby. This document is intended for acquaintance with MAG250 Micro IPTV Set-Top Box The following paragraphs specify requirements This Agreement and licenses provided hereafter Ownership and training only. The Company reserves the right...
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    About your MAG250 Micro Connecting on the Back Panel Thank you for purchasing of our product MAG250 Mcro, which makes it possible to possess access to TV and movies through your digital television service. You can control all functions of MAG250 Micro by using remote control for navigating on screen menu provided by your service provider.