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If you experience problems, the menu button should be your first choice. Your receiver is very much
like a computer in a small package, and it needs a reboot every once in a while. This reboot only takes
seconds and is much faster than if you unplug it.
If the box doesn't respond to this button, you should unplug it and plug it back in. The box can take 2-3
minutes to load. This is normal.


If a programme stops or the screen goes black and you get a message on the screen that says Page
Load Error after you have unplugged and plugged back in, this is due to your receiver not connecting to
the Internet. This rarely happens if you have a good internet connection, but if it happens, you can try
the following:
Unplug both Internet router and receiver.
Wait two minutes, then plug in the router again.
Wait about two minutes or until the lights on your router become stable, and then plug the receiver
back in.


Note that if you have BoxTV and have connected your receiver with an RCA cable, you can experience
trouble with the programme guide and the catch-up menu. The picture however will not change.
If any of the text/image disappears on the screen, your receiver is incorrectly set up to your TV. You can
correct this by following the steps below:
Press SETUP. You should now see a blue and white menu on the screen.
Press the down arrow key until VIDEO marked. Confirm with the OK button. You will now get a new
menu on the screen, with four options. For a newer flat-screen TV, the settings should be as follows:
1. 720i-60
2. 1280x720
3. Disabled
4. OFF
Press down arrow until OK is highlighted. Press OK to return to the previous menu.
Use the arrow keys to select Reboot Box. Confirm with OK and press OK again when asked if
you're sure.
Start by unlpugging your receiver. Hold down the menu button while you plug the receiver back in. Keep
the button held down and make sure to point the remote at your TV.
Now you will see a menu on a blue screen. Use the arrow keys and select Boot Mode. Now press the
right arrow key until the right column changes to NAND2.
Use the arrow keys to go down down and select Exit &
Save - press the RIGHT arrow key and confirm by pressing
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents