Philips VOX300 User Manual

Philips VOX300 User Manual

Philips cordless telephone user manual
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User manual
Charge the handset(s) for 24 hours
before use !


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  • Page 1 User manual Charge the handset(s) for 24 hours before use !
  • Page 2: Welcome Mode

    Before using your CD 135, you need to configure it according to the country of use. Install the batteries. After a few minutes of charge, the Welcome screen appears. Press Browse Press Your phone is ready to be used. If you need to re-configurate your CD 135, see page 33. Note: If selection screen again.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Welcome mode ...2 Contents ...3 Important information ...4 What’s in the box ...5 Handset and base station ...6 Icons on the handset display ...9 Installing the base station ...10 Using GAP standard compliance ...11 Installing the batteries ...11 Menu structure ...13 Handset power OFF and ON ...14 Keypad lock / unlock ...14 Text or number entry ...14...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    DSL filter plugged directly on each line socket used in the house and check the modem and the phone are plugged in the correct filter slot (one specific for each). Need help ? More troubleshooting and FAQ’s : Online help: Troubleshooting : page 41 and page 42 Important information...
  • Page 5: What's In The Box

    What’s in the box 2 NiMh AAA 550 mAh rechar- One CD 135 base One CD 135 handset geable batteries station One belt clip A line cord* A power supply unit (Country dependent) Guarantee Quick Start Guide User manual *Note : You may find in the box the line adaptor delivered separately from the line cable.
  • Page 6: Handset And Base Station

    12 11 Handset and base station CD 135 Handset Earpiece Display Icons see page 9 Menu key & Softkey OK - In idle mode, short press to access the main menu. - Short press to select next menu level. - In Edit & Phonebook mode, short press to confirm OK.
  • Page 7 Handset and base station Recall key / Play new message(s) received on answer machine - In idle mode, long press to switch from handset name display to Date/Time display. - To insert R for operator services when on line. - In idle mode, short press to play new message(s) received on answer machine. 10 Microphone 11 Keypad lock &...
  • Page 8 CD 135 base station Handset and base station 1 Answer machine indicator - LED ON : Answer machine activated. - LED OFF : Answer machine deactivated. - LED blinking : New message(s) or memo on answer machine. - LED blinking fast : The answer machine memory is full.
  • Page 9: Icons On The Handset Display

    Icons on the handset display The display gives information about the operation of your telephone. Following icons can be shown in the headline of the display: When being used for the first time, it is sometimes necessary to wait until the battery is sufficiently charged before the icons appear on the display.
  • Page 10: Installing The Base Station

    Installing the base station Place your product close enough to the telephone and mains power sockets so that the cables will reach. To properly install the base station, plug the line cord and the power cable into the base station. Plug the cord and the cable into the wall. If you have a broadband DSL Internet connection, please make sure you have one DSL filter plugged directly on each line socket used in the house and check the modem and the phone are plugged in the correct filter slot (one specific for each).
  • Page 11: Using Gap Standard Compliance

    Installing the batteries Installing and replacing the batteries in the handset To insert the batteries, open the battery cover, place the batteries as indicated and then replace the battery cover. When the battery icon is blinking, charge is needed. Allow 24 hours for the batteries to fully charge. On first use it may be necessary to wait for a few minutes before seeing symbols on the display.
  • Page 12 Using GAP standard compliance To register a handset of another make to the CD135 base station, place the base station into registration mode (page 31), then follow the procedure in the manufacturer’s instructions. DECT is a Trade Mark of ETSI registered for the benefit of the implementers of the DECT technology.
  • Page 13: Menu Structure

  • Page 14: Handset Power Off And On

    You can enter the names of your phonebook entries character by character, pressing the corresponding key as many times as necessary to reach the desired character. Press under the label Example to write “Peter” Press once : Press twice : Press once : Press...
  • Page 15: Call

    Answering a call / Hanging up When the phone rings, press flashes on an incoming call. To end the conversation, press station. Note: If you have activated the Auto Answer Mode (see page 28) simply lift-up the handset from the base or charger to answer a call. WARNING : When the handset rings during an incoming call, please do not hold the handset too close to your ear as the volume of the ringing tone may damage your hearing.
  • Page 16 To switch the handset loudspeaker ON / OFF (call handsfree) Note: 5 loudspeaker volumes are available. Press 2 times Press again to deactivate the loudspeaker. Warning : Handsfree activation could suddenly increase the volume in the loudspeaker to a very high level. Make sure the handset is not too close to your ear.
  • Page 17: Redial List

    The redial list contains the 5 most recently dialled numbers. Accessing / exiting the redial list Press Scroll through the redial list Press to exit. Calling a number from the redial list Press Scroll through the redial list Press Saving redial list numbers into the phonebook Press and scroll Press...
  • Page 18: Deleting A Number From The Redial List

    Deleting a number from the redial list Press and scroll Press and press Down Press , DELETE? is shown, press confirmation beeptone. Deleting all numbers from the redial list Press , then Press , DELETE? is shown, press confirmation beeptone. Redial list to select an entry.
  • Page 19: Phonebook

    30 names and numbers can be stored in the built-in phonebook of the handset. The names are stored in alphabetical order. Adding a new entry In idle mode, press Press , ADD NUMBER is shown. Press , ENTER NAME is shown. Enter the name and press Enter the number...
  • Page 20 Viewing the phonebook list In idle mode, press Down Enter the first letter of the wanted name (e.g., 3 for “D” or 33 for “E”). The first entry starting with this letter is selected in the list. To view the details : Press Edit a number when browsing phonebook list In idle mode, press Down Press...
  • Page 21 Delete a phonebook entry when in idle mode In idle mode, press Press and press Down Press to view the list and scroll Press , DELETE? is shown, press confirmation beeptone. Delete whole phonebook list when in idle mode In idle mode, press Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 22: Call Log

    This feature is available if you have registered to the caller identification service with your operator. The call log stores the last 20 external calls received : - network message service information (subject to a subscription with your operator). Accessing / exiting the call log Press Up and scroll Press...
  • Page 23: Deleting A Call Log Entry

    Deleting a Call log entry Press Up and scroll Press and press Down Press , DELETE? is shown, press Deleting all the Call log entries Press Up and press Press Down to reach DELETE LIST. Press to confirm. Call log to select an entry.
  • Page 24: Using The Intercom

    Press to answer and Note: If the handset does not belong to the Philips CD 135 range, this function may not be available. Call transfer to a specific handset when on line During a call in progress you can transfer the external call to a specific handset :...
  • Page 25: Other Functions

    Paging This feature allows you to locate the handset(s). Press on the base station. All the subscribed handsets ring. Press any key on the handset to stop ringing once relocated. Chain Dialing If you have entered in your phonebook for example only the main number of a company without the extension, this feature allows you to add the subnumber (extension) of a particular person and to dial out this number.
  • Page 26: Personal Settings

    Press , scroll ON DAILY). Press to confirm. If you select ON ONCE or ON DAILY : Enter the time and press The alarm rings for at most 1 minute and Note: When the alarm rings, press any key to stop the alarm. To set the alarm tone Press and press Down...
  • Page 27: To Select The Handset Ring Melody

    , HANDSET TONE is shown, press reach KEY TONE. Press , scroll To rename the handset The default name is : PHILIPS. You can enter 10 characters for the handset name. Press and press Down Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 28: To Activate / Deactivate The Auto Answer Mode

    To activate / deactivate the auto answer mode If ON you take the line by lifting the handset from the charge cradle. Press and press Down Press and press Down Press , scroll To change the display language Press and press Down Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 29: To Change The Dial Mode

    Advanced settings To change the dial mode* The default value of dial mode that is preset in your CD 135 should be the best suited for your country network and therefore you should not need to change it. Press and press Down Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 30: To Activate / Deactivate Call Barring

    Scroll to select the barring number location 1, 2, 3 or 4 and press Enter the barring number and press to confirm. Note: For example if you want to bar international calls, enter the barring number 00. To activate / deactivate Call Barring Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 31: To Set Or Change An Sos Number

    If you have inadvertently unregistered your handset, you can register it again. Additional handsets must be registered to the base before use. Warning : If you wish to register non Philips handsets to the CD 135 base station, make sure that this handset is GAP compliant otherwise it will not operate properly (see page 11).
  • Page 32: To Unregister A Handset

    To unregister a handset Press and press Down Press and press Down Press , enter the PIN code Scroll to select the handset number and press appears on the screen. Note: If you have your handset serviced, please make sure it is unregistered from the base station before taking it back to the repair centre.
  • Page 33: Country Selection

    Personal outgoing message : Answer machine memory : to reach ADVANCE SET. to reach COUNTRY SEL.. to confirm. MEDIUM MELODY 1 VOLUME 2 VOLUME 3 Country dependent PHILIPS 00:00 01-01 Country dependent Country dependent 0000 MELODY 1 Empty Empty Empty...
  • Page 34: Answer Machine

    The CD 135 includes an answer machine that records unanswered calls when it is activated. The maximum recording time is 15 minutes, outgoing messages and memos included. The answer machine is accessible via the handset that has a dedicated keypad allowing to access to the answer machine functions (by default handset 1).
  • Page 35 To switch the answer machine OFF Press , then In answer machine mode, the handset screen shows on the left side : answer machine is deactivated. Saved messages To listen to new message(s) When new messages are recorded on the answering machine, then the icon flashing on the handset display and the LED on the base blinks until the messages are played.
  • Page 36: Answer Machine Settings

    Available functions during message playback : KEYS FUNCTIONS Skip back to the previous message. Play all recorded messages (new and old and memo) or play the current message again. Skip forward to the next message while listening. Delete the current message. Stop message playback.
  • Page 37 Note: When ANSWER ONLY / ACTIVATED is selected, then the associated outgoing message is automatically set, i.e. „This is an answering machine, please call back later“. When ANSWER ONLY / DEACTIVATED is selected, then the associated outgoing message is automatically set, i.e. „This is an answering machine, please leave your message after the tone“.
  • Page 38 To activate / deactivate call screening You can activate (default setting) or deactivate the call screening on the handset loudspeaker so that you can choose whether to hear or not the callers leaving a message and to decide whether or not to take the call. Press and press Down Press...
  • Page 39: To Record A Memo

    Note: If you are not satisfied with your personal outgoing message recorded, repeat the steps in section “To record your personal outgoing message”, page 38 and the old welcome message will be overwritten. If you want to have the default outgoing message back perform a reset, see “To reset to default settings (base station and handset)”, page 32.
  • Page 40 To remotely control your answer machine WARNING : For security reasons the remote control of the answer machine is deactivated by default. You must activate this function on your CD 135 phone, see page 37, to be able to remotely access your answer machine.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    Telephone troubleshooting PROBLEMS The battery icon is not blinking when the handset is placed on the base. No dialling tone. No ring tone. The range icon does not appear. The range icon is blinking. Crackling on the line. Troubleshooting CAUSES •...
  • Page 42 PROBLEMS The handset displays „not available“ : • when attempting to add another handset to the base station, • when using a handset. Noise interference on your radio or television Caller Line Identification (CLI) service does not work. A phonebook entry cannot be stored.
  • Page 43: Safety Information

    Do not lose the PIN code. Conformity Hereby, Philips declares that the CD 135 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging.
  • Page 44 Philips has marked the packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste. A financial contribution has been paid to the associated national recovery & recycling system. The labelled packaging material is recyclable.
  • Page 46 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. 2006 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. 3111 285 28303...

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