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Canon CS100 Instruction Manual

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  • Page 2 English Note on TV Set If the resolution of your TV set is other than Full HD (1920x1080) or HD (1280x720), Connect Station’s screen may not appear.
  • Page 3: Introduction:

    Introduction Connect Station is a device that allows you to import captured images for viewing on your TV set, smartphone, etc., or sharing over a network, and more. You can perform the following operations using this device. Import View Back up Share Copy Print...
  • Page 4 If imported image data is destroyed or lost due to a failure of this product, Canon will not repair or recover the image data. Be advised that Canon cannot be held liable for any destruction or loss of image data.
  • Page 5: Conventions Used In This Manual

    Item Check List Before starting, check that all the following items have been included with your product. If anything is missing, contact your dealer. Connect Station CS100 Remote AC Adapter Batteries for the (with a covered card slot) Control remote control...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction: p.2 Safety Precautions: p.6 / Handling Precautions: p.8 / Open Source Software: p.9 / Nomenclature: p.10 /Connection Diagram: p.12 Setup: p.14 Installing Batteries into the Remote Control: p.14 / Connecting Connect Station to a TV Set: p.14 / Performing Initial Settings: p.17 / Home Screen: p.20 Importing Camera/Camcorder Images: p.21 Importing Images: p.21 / Image Importing Status: p.26 / Lamp Indicators: p.27 / Icons on the Screen: p.28 / Viewing New Images: p.29...
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    The following precautions are provided to prevent harm or injury to yourself and others. Make sure to thoroughly understand and follow these precautions before using the product. If you experience any malfunctions, problems, or damage to the product, contact the nearest Canon Service Center or the dealer from whom you purchased the product.
  • Page 8 If the remote control becomes hot, or emits smoke or a burning smell, immediately remove the batteries from the remote control with enough care to avoid burns. Using the remote control in such a condition may cause a fire or burns. Do not touch the battery fluid leaked from the remote control.
  • Page 9: Handling Precautions

    Handling Precautions This product is a precision instrument. Do not drop it or subject it to physical shock. Never leave the product near anything having a strong magnetic field such as a magnet or electric motor. Also avoid using or leaving it near anything emitting strong radio waves, such as a large antenna.
  • Page 10 Software under the GPL and LGPL The product contains software modules licensed under the GPL and LGPL. If you need to obtain the source code of the software, please contact the Canon sales company in the country / region where you purchased the product.
  • Page 11 Nomenclature Body Front and top sides Power button/Power lamp (p.16/17) Access lamp NFC connect point (p.24, 25, 27) (p.22, 41) Remote control Outlet for internal sensor cooling Wi-Fi/New image notification lamp (p.22, 27, 29) Card slot cover (p.24) CF card slot (p.24) SD card slot (p.24) Rear and bottom sides <E>...
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Remote Control Remote control transmitter <H> Home button <P> Power button Home screen appears. Turn on the power or put Connect Station <S> Set button into the standby state. Selected item takes effect. <T> Cross keys <B> Back button Previous screen Battery compartment cover (p.14) reappears.
  • Page 13: Nomenclature: P.10 /Connection Diagram

    LAN. AC adapter (p.15) (HDMI cable) (USB cable) (Interface cable) TV set (p.14) External hard disk Canon camera/ (p.61) camcorder (p.25) USB hubs are not supported. Operation cannot be guaranteed if a USB extension cable is used.
  • Page 14 You can... Terminal) Connect with an HDMI TV set with an Wired connection View images cable (commercially HDMI terminal (HDMI) available) Canon NFC-compatible Wireless LAN model Canon camera/ Import images Connect with an *2*3 camcorder Wired connection interface cable (sold...
  • Page 15: Setup

    Setup Installing Batteries into the Remote Control The remote control uses two AAA/R03 batteries (provided). (1) Open the battery compartment cover by putting a coin or other similar object in the cover’s groove and turning it. (2) Insert batteries in the battery compartment, making sure that their plus and minus ends are correct, then close the cover.
  • Page 16 Turn on Connect Station. Press the power button to turn on Connect Station. The connection is complete when [Connect Station CS100] appears on the screen. When you turn on the power for the first time, the power lamp turns from orange to green, and the Initial settings screen (p.17)
  • Page 17 Connecting via a Wired LAN When connecting Connect Station to a network via a wired LAN, connect Connect Station and a router connected to the Internet with a LAN cable (commercially available). Installation Location of Connect Station Blocking the outlet for internal cooling located on either side of Connect Station or the inlet located on the bottom side can lead to a malfunction.
  • Page 18: P.24

    (p.28). If you cannot turn on Connect Station when the power lamp is blinking in red, contact the nearest Canon Service Center. Even if it is standing by, Connect Station consumes as much power as it does when its power is on (p.66).
  • Page 19 Select an item. Select an item, then press <S>. Select a step as appropriate for the item. • [Find network]: Go to step 4-B (p.19). • [WPS Push button connection (PBC)]: Go to step 4-A. • [Skip Wi-Fi settings]: Go to step 5. When Connect Station is connected via a wired LAN (p.16), this screen will not be displayed.
  • Page 20 [Find network] Before establishing a connection, ensure you have the following information • Access point name (SSID) • Encryption key (password) specified for the access point * For information on the access point name (SSID) and encryption key (password), refer to the access point’s instruction manual.
  • Page 21: Home Screen

    Home Screen When you select a menu and press <S>, the corresponding setting screen will appear. [Image importing status] (p.26) You can check the importing status while importing an image from a camera/camcorder, card, etc. [Images] (p.31) Images will be listed by shooting month or camera/camcorder.
  • Page 22: Importing Camera/Camcorder Images

    Importing Camera/Camcorder Images Import images captured with a camera/camcorder to Connect Station. When you hold the camera/camcorder close to Connect Station, connect it with an interface cable, or insert a card into Connect Station, the images that have not been imported yet will be imported to Connect Station.
  • Page 23 Import images by connecting Connect Station and a camera/camcorder wirelessly. Compatible cameras/camcorders Only the images shot with Canon NFC-compatible compact digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras, compact system (mirrorless) cameras, or digital camcorders can be imported via a wireless connection. For information on Canon NFC-compatible cameras/camcorders that support Connect Station, refer to the Canon Web site.
  • Page 24 Importing from a Card Import images by inserting a card storing captured images into Connect Station. Images can be imported from a card used for shooting with Canon compact digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras, compact system (mirrorless) cameras, or digital camcorders released in 2010 or later. Although images may be imported from a card used in other cameras, there is no guarantee for the import of images to Connect Station.
  • Page 25 Inserting a card SD card Access lamp (green) Remove the card slot cover in advance. Insert an SD card with its front side facing upward until it clicks in place. Insert a CF card with its front side facing upward so that the end where tiny holes are aligned goes inside.
  • Page 26 Compatible cameras/camcorders Cameras/camcorders from which images can be imported via a wired connection are Canon compact digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras, compact system (mirrorless) cameras, and digital camcorders released in 2010 or later. Although cameras/camcorders other than these may be connected via a wired connection, there is no guarantee for the import of images to Connect Station.
  • Page 27 Image Importing Status To check the image importing status, select [Image importing status] on the Home screen. When you select an item by pressing the <d> <f> keys and press <M>, you can cancel the processing that goes on when Connect Station is importing images or standing by.
  • Page 28 Lamp Indicators The lighting conditions of the Wi-Fi/New image notification lamp and access lamp allow you to check the connection status of the connected device or the processing status. Wi-Fi/New image notification lamp Access lamp Lamp Display Connection Status/Processing Status •...
  • Page 29 Icons on the Screen An icon is displayed on the upper right of the screen when processing (importing or transferring images), when standing by, or when an error occurs. The icon disappears when the processing is complete or the cause of the error is eliminated. Importing status icons Processing status icons Standby...
  • Page 30: Icons On The Screen: P.28 / Viewing New Images

    Viewing New Images To view newly imported images, select [New images received] on the Home screen. In the [New images received] screen, all simultaneously imported images are managed as a group (new image group). New image group Up to five new image groups imported within the last one-month period are managed in the order of the dates when they were imported.
  • Page 31 Setting the submenu When you press <M> while new image groups are displayed as thumbnails, the menu shown below will appear. Menu Items Settings New album The new image group is compiled into an album. Play from first image A slide show of the new image group will be played back. The selected image will be rotated.
  • Page 32: Viewing Images

    Viewing Images To view images on a TV set, select [Images] or [Albums] on the Home screen. Viewing Images from the Image List To view the images of a selected shooting month or camera/camcorder, to delete multiple images at once, or to copy multiple images to a card, select [Images] on the Home screen.
  • Page 33 Setting the submenu When you press <M> while the shooting month or the camera/ camcorder used for shooting is selected or while images are selected in the thumbnail area, the menu shown below will appear. Menu Items Settings A slide show of the target images will be played View as slide show back.
  • Page 34 Deleting or Copying Images At Once Specify images by a shooting month, and delete them or copy them to a card at once. You can also select images one by one from the displayed images. Sort the target images by a shooting month and append [z] for the images to be deleted or copied.
  • Page 35 Creating and Viewing an Album Creating an album enables you to do the following: • View favorite images at once and share them. • View images of a trip or some other event at once and share them. • View images from a Web browser. To view, create, or edit an album, select [Albums] on the Home screen.
  • Page 36 Selecting an Album When you select an album and press <S>, a slide show of the album will be played back. Setting the submenu When you press <M> while an album is selected, the menu shown below will appear. Menu Items Settings View album The images in the album will be displayed as thumbnails.
  • Page 37 Editing an Album Add images to an album, or remove images from an album. Images will not be deleted from Connect Station even if you remove them from an album. When you select an album and press <S>, the editing screen will appear. Selecting an image to remove Select an image and press <S>...
  • Page 38: Operations During Playback

    Operations during Playback When playing back a selected image or a slide show, you can perform the operations below by using the remote control. <h> : Displays the previous image. <g> : Displays the next image. <d> <f> : Rate images with one of five levels (p.32) <S>...
  • Page 39: Printing Still Photos

    Printing Still Photos Print the still photos imported to Connect Station. Printer that can be connected You can print by connecting Connect Station to a printer supporting PictBridge (Wireless LAN) or PictBridge (LAN) via an access point or a router. Setting Up a Printer Select the printer to connect to.
  • Page 40 Printing Selected images are printed. Select [Print]. Select [Print] on the Home screen. The image selection screen will appear. Select an image to print. Select an image and press <S> to append [z] for the image to be printed. Press <M>. After selecting the image to print, press <M>.
  • Page 41: Operating With A Web Browser

    Operating with a Web Browser You can view albums and send still photos from a terminal such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. To perform an operation, display the operation screen in the Web browser on the terminal. To use this function, you need to connect Connect Station to an access point, router, etc.
  • Page 42 Operate the terminal to connect to the access point, router, etc. to which Connect Station is connected. Hold the terminal close to the NFC connect point on Connect Station. Carefully hold the n on the terminal close to the NFC connect point on Connect Station.
  • Page 43 Displaying by Entering an IP Address If the terminal does not support NFC, display the operation screen by entering an IP address into the Web browser. Select [Preferences] in Connect Station. Select [Preferences] on the Home screen. Check the IP address. The number displayed on the lower right of the [Preferences] screen is the IP address.
  • Page 44: Viewing An Album

    Viewing an Album View an album in Connect Station by using the Web browser on the terminal. How to Operate the Screen Flick To scroll the screen, flick horizontally. By flicking an album vertically, you can play back its slide show on a TV screen. When you select an album or image from the list, the screen will switch in the order as below.
  • Page 45 Uploading Still Photos from the Terminal Import still photos on a terminal to Connect Station. Display the upload screen on the terminal. From the menu, select [Upload]. Select [Select images]. Select an image. When you select an image on the terminal, the selected image will be added to the upload screen.
  • Page 46: Photos From The Terminal: P.44 / Menu Screen Of The Terminal

    Menu Screen of the Terminal Upload images or make various settings from the menu screen of the terminal. Selecting [v] on the upper right of the screen displays the menu screen. Properties Edit the titles and comments of albums and images. In the thumbnail display, you can edit the titles and comments of albums.
  • Page 47: Transferring And Sharing Images

    Transferring images Signing Up as a Member To share and transfer images via the Internet, you need to sign up as a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member (free of charge) and add the account to Connect Station. Once you are a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member, you can share photos you took in online albums and use a range of services.
  • Page 48 Creating a New Account Newly sign up as a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member, and set up an account on Connect Station. Select [Send/receive images]. When setting up an account for the first time, select [Send/ receive images] on the Home screen.
  • Page 49 (p.58). Registering an Existing Account If you already have an account with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, you can set that registered account on Connect Station. In step 2, press <S> and select [Register existing account]. In steps 3 to 5, enter the Email address and password registered with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
  • Page 50 When registering a contact, one Connect Station sends an approval request. If the other Connect Station receiving the request approves it, the registration of transfer between the two units will be completed. Signing up as a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member Sending an approval request Send Approve The registration of the contact is complete.
  • Page 51 Up to ten approval requests you sent or received can be saved. Registered contacts and approval requests can be saved up to twenty in total. The number of approval requests which can be saved may be altered due to the specification change of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
  • Page 52 Approving the received approval request Perform the approval operation on the Connect Station unit that has received an approval request. Select [Request sharing approval]. When an approval request has been received, [Request sharing approval] is displayed with [w]. Select a received approval request.
  • Page 53 <M> to send the album. Receiving an album When Connect Station is in use or standing by, it checks the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY site periodically and receives images automatically. When an album is received, the new image notification lamp (blue) blinks.
  • Page 54 When a sent album has not been received, an Email is sent to the sender’s Email address one week before the expiration date. File sizes you can transfer, image receiving expiration date, and notification date may be altered. For the latest information, refer to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Web site (
  • Page 55: Web Service

    Sharing Images via a Web Service When you select [Share images online] from the submenu while images are displayed in [Images], you can share the images via CANON iMAGE GATEWAY or a registered Web service. To share images via a Web service other than CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, access CANON iMAGE GATEWAY from a computer or other terminal and register the Web service you use.
  • Page 56: Checking Or Changing Settings

    Checking or Changing Settings To check or change settings, select [Preferences] on the Home screen. Preferences List Menu Items Menu Settings Page a tab Photo display time 2 sec. / 4 sec. / 6 sec. / 8 sec. Movie playback time 4 sec.
  • Page 57 Wi-Fi settings Change Wi-Fi settings. Network settings Change network settings. Online service account Sign up as a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member settings and set up an account. Make the settings for the collection of camera/ Collect device information camcorder information.
  • Page 58 Supplementary Information on Preferences Items in Preferences for which supplementary information is necessary are described below. b Tab [Show status] Check the status of the ongoing processing such as image transfer or printing. When you select a processed item with the <d> <f> keys and press <M>, you can interrupt the processing and cancel it.
  • Page 59 [Online service account settings] Sign up as a CANON iMAGE GATEWAY member and set up an account. For information on the setup procedure, see “Signing Up as a Member” (p.46). [Collect device information] For the purpose of providing you with information regarding Canon’s products and...
  • Page 60 e Tab [Control via HDMI] When you connect Connect Station to a TV set compatible with the HDMI device control function (HDMI CEC ), you can operate Connect Station using the TV’s remote control. When you use a compatible TV set and want to operate Connect Station using the TV’s remote control, set [On].
  • Page 61 Do not remove or insert a card or USB cable during formatting or firmware update. If an error occurs while the system hard disk is formatted, the hard disk may be damaged. In such a case, contact the nearest Canon Service Center.
  • Page 62: Supplementary Information On Preferences: P.57 / Backing Up And Restoring Data

    Backing Up and Restoring Data Back up (copy) the data on Connect Station, and restore the backup data to Connect Station. To perform the backup- and restore-related operations, use the [f] tab in [Preferences]. [Backup] Back up the data on Connect Station to an external hard disk connected to the USB terminal.
  • Page 63 [Restore data] If Connect Station malfunctions or data is lost, you can restore the backup data. Also, you can restore Connect Station to the latest state of back up, in case you accidentally delete the images on Connect Station. When you press <M>, the data restoring will start.
  • Page 64: Reference

    Reference Troubleshooting Guide If a problem occurs, first refer to this Troubleshooting Guide. If this Troubleshooting Guide does not resolve the problem, contact the nearest Canon Service Center. Power-Related Problems Importing Images The power cannot be turned on. It takes time to recognize the card or a camera/camcorder connected.
  • Page 65 NFC function. To find out whether the camera/camcorder Viewing on a TV Set is compatible with Connect Station’s NFC function, contact the nearest Canon Connect Station’s screen does Service Center. not appear on the TV screen. Connect Station cannot connect to Make sure that the HDMI cable’s plug is...
  • Page 66: Error Messages

    Images are gone after GATEWAY when your Email is set not to I restore data. accept Emails from certain domains, etc. Refer to the Help in CANON iMAGE When you restore data, images that are GATEWAY site ( not backed up are deleted.
  • Page 67: Specifications

    Formats That Can Be Played Back cord) Still Photos JPEG, RAW (CR2 only) All preceding specifications are based on Movies Canon testing standards. MP4, MOV, AVCHD Product specifications and the exterior are (Full HD, HD, and VGA (SD) recording subject to change without notice. quality)
  • Page 68 NFC regulations, contact the nearest Canon received, including interference that may Service Center. cause undesired operation. Note that Canon cannot be held liable for any Note:This equipment has been tested and problems arising from wireless LAN/NFC use found to comply with the limits for class in other countries and regions.
  • Page 69 If security settings have not been properly wireless LAN settings as a precaution. Note set, the following problems may occur. that Canon accepts no responsibility for Transmission monitoring direct or indirect damages or loss of earnings resulting from a degradation or Third parties with malicious intent may disappearance of content.
  • Page 70 For more information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, waste authority, approved scheme or your household waste disposal service or visit, or For CA, USA only Included lithium battery contains Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See for details.
  • Page 71 Initial setting..........17 Battery compartment ......11, 14 Initialize settings ........59 Interface cable ......12, 13, 25 IP address ..........42 Camera/camcorder information collection........58 CANON iMAGE GATEWAY .....46 LAN.............13, 16 Account ........47, 48, 58 Cable..........12, 13 Online album.........46 Terminal ..........10 Signing up (Registering) as a Language..........17, 55...
  • Page 72 Password 9Encryption key Web browser..........40 PictBridge........... 13, 38 Web service ......... 12, 46, 54 Playback settings ....30, 35, 37, 45 Wi-Fi lamp........10, 22, 27 Power..........12, 16 Wired connection ........25 Button ......... 10, 11, 15, 16 Wired LAN..........
  • Page 73 ● The descriptions in this Instruction Manual are current as of May 2015. For information on the compatibility with any products introduced after this date, contact any Canon Service Center. ● Interface or functions of this product are subject to change for product improvement or firmware update.
  • Page 74 CPA-U137-001 © CANON INC. 2015...