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LG MASTER-K10S1 User Manual

LG MASTER-K10S1 User Manual

Programmable logic controller


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LG Programmable Logic Controller

Installation Environment

1. Please avoid installing the PLC at following locations where;
• temperature may experience ambient drops or rising.
(It should stay within 0℃ to 55℃(32 ~ 131℉))
• condensation may occur due to abrupt temperature changes.
• vibration and shock are directly transmitted to the PLC.
• the PLC is exposed to the direct rays of the sun.
• the PLC is exposed to corrosive or inflammable gas.
• the PLC is exposed to conductive powder.
2. Please install the PLC at least 50㎜ away from a duct or other devices.
3. Be sure to install the PLC in the cabinet which comply with IP54 or higher.
4. Be sure to place the PLC in the manufacturer's original packing
while shipping or storing.
• LGIS provides an 18 months warranty from the date of production.
• For troubles within the warranty period, LGIS will replace the entire
PLC or repair the troubled parts free of charge except the following
① the troubles caused by improper treatment or operation.
② the troubles caused by external devices.
③ the troubles caused by remodeling or repairing based on user's
own discretion.
④ the troubles caused by natural disaster.
• This warranty is limited to the PLC itself only. It is not valid for the
whole system which the PLC is attached.
LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
User's Manual


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  • Page 1 ③ the troubles caused by remodeling or repairing based on user’s own discretion. ④ the troubles caused by natural disaster. • This warranty is limited to the PLC itself only. It is not valid for the whole system which the PLC is attached. 702004000 LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Page 2 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ Characteristics • The user program is stored in a EEPROM, and no battery back-up is required. • Data communication through RS232C and RS485 is available. • K10S1 includes a high speed counter being applicable for a simple positioning system.
  • Page 3 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ Specifications • General Specifications Power Supplies (47 ~ 63Hz) K10S1 : 100~240VAC(Free Voltage) & Consumption 7.4W Dropout Tolerance 1/2 Cycle DC Supply Output 0.1A Withstanding Voltage DC 500V 10MΩ Grounding Grounding resistance ≤ 100Ω Noise Immunity 2000V, 1μ...
  • Page 4 Photo Coupler Note) • The expected life span of relay The relay used in MASTER-K10S1 is FUJI’s RB1-E, and those manufacturer guarantee 10million times (mechanical) and 0.1 ~ 3million times (electrical) operation for their relays.. The durability of relay depends on the type of external load. Therefore, we highly recommend customers to connect an external relay or SSR between PLC and large inductive load for improved reliability and maintenance of PLC.
  • Page 5 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ Memory Map Bit Data Word Data Program Memory Memory Memory 0000 FFFF D000 I/O Relays Parameter Word Data Setting Area Register Area (64 words) Auxiliary Relays (256points) D063 T000 Keep Relays Timer Preset User Program...
  • Page 6 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ Special Function Relay : F area F relay is used as only input operand. Relay Name Description F000 RUN flag Set when the PLC is on RUN mode. F001 PGM flag Set when the PLC is on PGM(program) mode.
  • Page 7 MASTER-K10S1 Relay Name Description • The step No. where program error occurred in The step No. F060 stored. where error ~ F06F • In case of branch instruction error, the destination occurred step No. is stored. High speed F070 • HSCNT instruction : F070 ~ F077...
  • Page 8 MASTER-K10S1 Relay Name Description F110 Arithmetic error flag Set when an arithmetic error occurred during operation F111 Zero flag Set when the result value is zero F112 Carry flag Set when carry / borrow occurs as a result of operation...
  • Page 9 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ I/O Circuit DC 24V Input Relay Output Output Input +24V -24V ■ ■ ■ ■ External Connection...
  • Page 10 MASTER-K10S1 ■ ■ ■ ■ RS485 COMMUNICATION • General Specification Instruction for RS485 SEND / RECV Above instruction is used in sequence program of only master PLC being designated as station no. h1F. Communication Method Asynchronous half duplex Max. Linkable station number...
  • Page 11 MASTER-K10S1 • Instruction SEND [FUN(159)] Transmission data from master to slave RECV [FUN(158)] Receiving data from slave to master [ SEND St S1 D1 n ] Instruction Form [ RECV St D2 S2 n ] St : Station number of slave PLC to communicate.(This of master PLC is always h1F.) S1 : Beginning address of word memory device of master PLC in which data to be transmitted to slave is stored.
  • Page 12 Tel : 64-4-821-0388 Fax : 64-4-821-0399 • Bogota Branch • Chicago Branch LG Industrial Systems de Colombia S.A. (LGISCOL S.A) LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. Chicago Office Calle 73#7-06 Piso 10, Santafe de Bogota, D.C. Colombia - Sur America 6133 North River Road Suite 1100 (Riverway Plaza), Rosemont, IL, 60018, USA...

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