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Vacuuming Liquids - Craftsman 125.12007 Operator's Manual

16 gallon wet/dry vacuum
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Table of Contents
Operation (continued)
Be sure to read, understand
and apply all the information in the
Safety instructions
section at the beginning of this operator's
Do not vacuum in areas with flammable
gases, vapors, or explosive
dusts in the
air. Flammable
gases or vapors include but are not limited to: lighter fluid,
solvent type cleaners, oil=base paints, gasoline, alcohol or aerosol sprays.
Explosive dusts include but are not limited to: coal, magnesium,
grain or gun
To reduce the risk of health hazards from vapors or dust, do not
vacuum toxic materials.
Do not plug in power cord to power outlet, make sure plug is
before assembling
the Wet/Dry Vac.
1. Verify that the power cord is
from the outlet. (Fig. 1)
2. Remove cartridge filter as shown in
Removing and Cleaning Cartridge
Filter on page 10. Then install the
foam sleeve filter as shown in
Installing Foam Sleeve Filter on page
12 and secure power head back on
the collection tank.
3. Fit the desired nozzle to the vacuum
hose. (Fig. 2)
4. Verify that the power switch is in the 'O'
OFF position before plugging the
power cord into the outlet. (Fig. 3)
5. Turn the motor on by pressing the
switch to the '1' ON position. (Fig. 4)
6. Once you have completed vacuuming,
press the power switch to the 'O' (OFF)
position and unplug the power cord
from the outlet.
7. After use, empty the collection tank by
unscrewing the drain cap and drain
liquids into suitable receptacle or
drain. (Fig. 5) Remember to refit the
drain cap to the tank after draining.
iMPORTANT! When vacuuming large
quantities of liquids, do not immerse the
nozzle completely in the liquid; leave a
gap at the tip of the nozzle opening to
allow air inflow. The machine is fitted with
a float valve that stops the suction action
when the collection tank reaches its
maximum capacity. You will notice an
increase in motor speed. When this
happens, turn off the machine,
disconnect from power supply, and drain
the liquid into a suitable receptacle or
drain. To continue vacuuming, refit the
collection tank with the drain cap. After
wet vacuuming, turn the machine off and
remove plug from power supply. Empty
the collection tank, clean and dry the
inside and outside before storage.
REMEMBER! The foam filter must be
removed after wet vacuuming and a
cartridge filter must be installed before
dry vacuuming again.

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Table of Contents

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