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Blowing Feature - Craftsman 125.12007 Operator's Manual

16 gallon wet/dry vacuum
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Table of Contents
Operation (continued)
Always wear safety goggles complying
with ANSi Z87.1 (or in
Canada, CSA Z94.3) before using blower.
Keep bystanders
clear from blowing debris.
Wear a dust mask if blowing creates dust that might be inhaled.
This Wet/Dry Vac has blowing capabilities.
To use the blower feature follow the
1. Verify that the power cord is
disconnected from the outlet. (Fig. 1)
2. Make sure the collection tank is empty
before using as a blower.
3. Remove hose from the vacuum port.
4. Insert the larger end of the hose intothe
blowing port on the back side of the
power head. (Fig. 2)
5. Fit the desired attachment to the hose.
(Fig. 3)
6. Verify that the power switch is in the 'O'
OFF position before plugging the power
cord into the outlet. (Fig. 4, Fig. 5)
7. Before turning ON the vac, firmly hold
the loose end of the hose. Turn the
motor on by pressing the switch to the 1'
ON position. (Fig. 6)
8. Once you have completed blowing,
press the power switch to the 'O' (OFF)
position and unplug the power cord
from the outlet. (Fig. 7)

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Table of Contents

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