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  Summary of Contents for Haier HD80-256A

  • Page 1 User manual Heat-Pump-Dryer HD80-26A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you Table of contents Thank you for purchasing a Haier Product. Safety ................................ 4 Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance. The instructions con- tain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure Intended use ............................
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety Safety Before switching on the appliance for the first time During daily use do... do ... ▶ make sure there is no transport damage. ▶ make sure that this appliance is only used by children from the age of 8 as well as from persons with reduced physical, sensory or ▶...
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Safety Intended use Intended use WARNING! This appliance is intended for drying items which have been washed in a water solution and are marked on the manufacturer‘s care label as being suitable for tumble drying. ▶ Do not switch off the appliance except drying cycle is finished, un- It is designed exclusively for domestic use inside the house.
  • Page 5: Product Description

    Product description Control panel VORDERANSICHT This drawing may be slightly different from the layout of the drying machine you have just purchased. Synthetic Cotton Extra Dry Extra Dry Ready to Ready to Store Store Ready to Ready to Iron Iron Wool Towel Duvet...
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Control panel Control panel 2-Maintenance indicators 6- Start/Pause button The indicators light up in order to remind that the filter must be cleaned and the water Press this button gently (fig. 7) to start or interrupt the tank must be emptied (see CARE AND CLEANING). currently displayed programme.
  • Page 7 Control panel Control panel 11-Option button Symbol Function Meaning of symbols This button (fig. 12) allows to select various options for Programme starts later. some programmes. 1. Choose a programme. 2. Activate delay function. 3. Turn the knob to the right to set time after Delay function which the programme should be finished.
  • Page 8: Special Features

    Special features Programmes Dryer rack Max. The dryer rack is designed for use with items which are not recommended for tumble dry- Dry level 1) Programme Laundry load ing such as delicate fabrics such as lingerie. Wool textiles can be refreshed. Harmful move- in kg ments of the fibres will be avoided because the basket is fixed in the drum and will not rotate.
  • Page 9: Consumption

    Consumption Suggestions and tips Starched laundry The indicated consumption values may accordingly differ to local conditions. Starched laundry leaves a film of starch in the drum and is not suitable for the dryer. Programme Spin speed Restidual Time Energy in rpm * moisture in h:min consumption...
  • Page 10: Daily Use

    Suggestions and tips Daily use Especially delicate fabrics Preparing the appliance Textiles which can easily shrink or lose their shape, as well as e.g. silk stockings, lingerie 1. Connect the appliance to a power supply (220V etc. should not be put in the dryer. Put delicate garments inside a laundry bag and avoid to 240V~/50Hz) (fig.
  • Page 11 Daily use Daily use Switch on the appliance Tips: Synthetic Cotton Press the „on/off“- button to switch on the appliance. Extra Dry Extra Dry Ready to Ready to ▶ Separate white clothes from coloured ones. Store Store (fig.: 23). Ready to Ready to Iron Iron...
  • Page 12: Care And Cleaning

    Daily use Care and cleaning After drying CAUTION! The tumble dryer stops operation automatically when a dry cycle is complete.. The display shows END. Following maintenance activities must be carried out after each drying cycle. ▶ Empty the water tank Notice ▶...
  • Page 13 Care and cleaning Care and cleaning Clean the lint filter Clean the front of the heat exchanger Fiber abrasion results because of wearing and washing Approximately all 10 drying cycles the front of the the laundry. These fibers (fluff) will be collected during heat exchanger should be cleaned from fluff by using the drying process in the lint filter.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Care and cleaning Troubleshooting Long periods of disuse Many occuring problems could be solved by yourself without specific expertise. In case of a problem please check all shown possibilities and follow below instructions before you If the appliance is not in use for a long time : contact an after sales service.
  • Page 15 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution Problem Possible cause Possible solution Appliance fails to op- • The laundry has reached the dry • Check the program setting and Remaining time on • The remaining time will be adjusted • The automatic adjustment is a post-dry if necessary.
  • Page 16: Installation

    Installation Accessories Preparation Connection of a drain hose ▶ Remove all packaging material. While opening the package, water drops may be With the drain hose (included or optional available at the customer service) the condensed water can be re- seen. This normal phenomenon results from water tests in the factory. directed to the drain (sink, trap or gully) .
  • Page 17: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data Productfiche (acc. to EU 392/2012) Additional data Trade mark Haier Dimensions - HxDxW in mm 845 x 650 x 595 220-240 V~50 Hz/ 4 A/ Model identifier HD80-26A Power supply (refer to rating plate) - voltage / current / input...
  • Page 18: Customer Service

    ▶ your local dealer or ▶ our European Call Service-Center (see listed phone numbers below) or ▶ the Service & Support area at www.haier.com where you can activate the service claim and also find FAQs. To contact our Service, ensure that you have the following data available.