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Safety Information

Documentation reference symbol. If the product is marked with this
symbol, refer to the product documentation to get more information
about the product.
A WARNING in the manual denotes a hazard that can cause injury
or death.
A Caution in the manual denotes a hazard that can damage equip-
Do not proceed beyond a WARNING or Caution notice until you
have understood the hazardous conditions and have taken appro-
priate steps.
These are safety class I products and have protective earthing terminals. There
must be an uninterruptible safety earth ground from the main power source
to the product's input wiring terminals, power cord, or supplied power cord
set. Whenever it is likely that the protection has been impaired, disconnect
the power cord until the ground has been restored.
For LAN cable grounding:
If your LAN covers an area served by more than one power
distribution system, be sure their safety grounds are securely
LAN cables may occasionally be subject to hazardous transient
voltages (such as lightning or disturbances in the electrical utilities
power grid). Handle exposed metal components of the network with
There are no user-serviceable parts inside these products. Any servicing,
adjustment, maintenance, or repair must be performed only by service-trained
These products do not have a power switch; they are powered on when the
power cord is plugged in.
Safety Information


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