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To avoid the risk of injury or accident, read the
following precautions before installing and
operating the player.
For driver's safety
Comply with your local traffic rules and
•While driving
— The driver must not watch or operate the
player. It may lead to distraction and
cause an accident. Park your car in a safe
place to watch and operate the player.
•While operating
— Do not insert your hands, fingers or
foreign object into the player. It may cause
injury or damage to the player.
— Keep small articles out of the reach of
•If the player does not work, check the
connections first. If everything is in order,
check the fuse.
•If your car was parked in direct sunlight,
allow the player to cool off before operating
•Avoid installing the player in places:
— subject to temperature below – 30 °C or
above 65 °C.
— subject to direct sunlight.
— near heat sources (such as heaters).
— exposed to rain or moisture.
— exposed to excessive dust or dirt.
— subject to excessive vibration.
— subject to heat:
Keep all products away from nearby hot
vehicle components that heat up over
time such as hoses, high current wires,
and braking systems components. Make
sure to leave enough room for ventilation
on openings and slots to protect from over
If you have any questions or problems
concerning this player, please consult your
nearest Sony dealer.
Moisture condensation
On a rainy day or in a very damp area,
moisture condensation may occur inside the
lenses. Should this occur, the player will not
operate properly. In such a case, remove the
disc and wait for about an hour until the
moisture has evaporated.
To maintain high sound quality
Be careful not to splash juice or other soft
drinks onto the player or discs.

About this manual

•Instructions in this manual describe how to
use this player by using the controls on the
supplied wireless remote commander.
•The icons below are used in this manual:
Indicates a DVD function.
Indicates a Video CD function.
Indicates an Audio CD function.
Indicates the function of a CD
containing MP3 file.



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