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Pfaff Embroidery Machines User Manual

Pfaff embroidery machines brochure.
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PFAFF® HD screen

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    PFAFF® HD screen...

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    PFAFF® HD screen Your machine features a PFAFF® HD screen. This technology provides great resolution and color. The screen is very easy to work with - just touch it with your stylus or your fi nger tip to make your choices. The task bar at the bottom of the screen includes the main functions and help.

  • Page 3: Common Icons

    Use the task bar Toggle between the sewing mode and the embroidery mode by using the toggle icon (1). The icon for the active mode is highlighted and enlarged. To activate any function, touch the icon on the task bar. When a function is activated, the icon will be selected and you can make your adjustments.

  • Page 4: Selection Menu

    Selection menu The selection menu contains a selection bar at the bottom with icons for stitches, fonts, designs and Files & Folders. Read more about Files & Folders in chapter 10. Select one of the icons in the selection bar to access the menus.

  • Page 5: Embroidery Edit

    Selecting a font Stitch fonts are indicated with a grey background and embroidery fonts have a pink background. Select a font by touching it. Use the scroll bar to see additional fonts. When an embroidery font is selected, the embroidery text editor will open automatically. You can select different sizes for each font.

  • Page 6: Embroidery Text Editor

    Embroidery text editor Used to create or adjust text written by embroidery fonts. To open, select an embroidery font in the selection menu. You can also select an existing text in embroidery edit and then touch sequencing/ embroidery text editor on the task bar. Embroidery stitch-out To embroider your design, change from embroidery edit to embroidery stitch-out by...

  • Page 7: Stitch Creator

    Sequencing With sequencing you can combine various stitches and adjust them. You can use built-in stitches, load stitches from external devices or use stitches you have created. You can program tie-offs, stops and thread snips into your sequence. Connection stitches can be inserted to create endless variations. Stitch Creator Stitch Creator allows you to create your own 9mm stitch or edit built in stitches.

  • Page 8: Settings Menu

    Settings menu In the Settings menu, you can override automatic settings and make manual adjustments to the machine settings (A), sound settings (B) and screen and light settings (C). Touch the icons to activate a function or open a list of choices. The settings are saved even after turning off the machine.

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    Cut jump stitches Your machine features the automatic function Cut jump stitches. This function saves you time trimming after the embroidery is completed. When Cut jump stitches is selected your machine will trim the top jump stitch thread and pull the thread end to the underside of the fabric as you embroider.

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    Note: Make sure that the IDT is disengaged. The open-toe free-motion feet are optional and can be purchased at your local authorized PFAFF® dealer. Do not use if Sensormatic free-motion is activated, since the needle might damage the presser foot.

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    Sound settings (B) You can change the sound settings on your machine for different situations. First select from the list (G) which sound event you want to change. Then select the sound (H) you want to play by touching the button. You will be able to hear the sound when you touch the sound button.

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    When touching the icons on the screen, the screen might need a calibration to adjust to your touch. Touch the calibrate icon to open a special screen for PFAFF® HD screen calibration. Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate. Lock screen If needed, you can easily lock the screen while sewing or embroidering.

  • Page 13: Info Menu, Quick Help

    Info menu Use the info system to easily get help topics and information. The Info menu is a built-in shortened version of the Owner’s manual. When you touch the info menu icon on the task bar, you have four options to select from - category (J), index (K), personal info (L) and notes (M).

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