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Function Test - Acer CE-6430 Service Manual

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Function Test

SD card*2, TV, AC adapter, lens-wiping paper, speaker
Static electricity preventing gloves, flowers, accessory, computer
Operation Description
Part 1
Insert the battery from the positive side, SD card and power on, check
if the shutter opens wholly, enter into the capture mode, LCD displays
the correct memory in accordance with the actual one.
Conduct the drop test twice of the camera in 45 C , (twice from both
sides, notice that the appearance cannot be scratched), the camera
cannot has any abnormity, such as power cutting off, card springing
off, and etc.
Press the Up cross button (self-timer mode), TFT-LCD displays
self-timer signal and time, take a picture of flowers in flash-off mode
for 2s.
Press W/T to move the lens, check the lens and the lens tube's
appearance; confirm if the lens has any abnormity.
Take a view towards the far and vicinity in capture mode, check if the
LCD is clear, display is biased; check the LCD noise towards
darkness, if the bad dots accords the specification, check if LCD is
color deviation, if the brightness is normal.
The method for checking TFT-LCD bad dots and judging standard are
as follows:
In the center (1/2 long * 1/2 wide): no bright dots, only two dark dots
and the distance between them must exceed more than 4mm;
In the periphery: two bright dots, three dark dots. When checking,
check the bright dots in black background; check the dark dots in
white background.
Operation Description
Chapter 4



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