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Pentair Pool Products MiniMax 250 Operating & Installation Manual: Warranty Information; Operation; Safety Rules

Low nox series pool & spa heaters.
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This instruction manual provides operating
instructions, installation and service information
for the MiniMax NT Low NOx high performance
heater. The information in this manual applies to
the MiniMax NT Low NOx 200, 250, 300, and
400 natural gas models.
It is very important that the owner/installer read
and understand the section covering installation
instructions, and recognize the local and state codes
before installing the MiniMax NT Low NOx.
History and experience has shown that most heater
damage is caused by improper installation practices.
1. Spa or hot tub water temperatures should never
exceed 104° F. A temperature of 100° F. is
considered safe for a healthy adult. Special
caution is suggested for young children.
2. Drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during
spa or hot tub use can cause drowsiness which
could lead to unconsciousness and subsequently
result in drowning.
3. Pregnant women beware! Soaking in water
above 100° F. can cause fetal damage during the
first three months of pregnancy (resulting in the
birth of a brain-damaged or deformed child).
Pregnant women should stick to the 100° F.
maximum rule.
Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the manual gas control valve to the
appliance. Do not use this heater if any part has been under water. Immediately call a qualified service
technician to inspect the heater and to replace any part of control system and gas control which has been
under water.
P/N 471593


The MiniMax NT Low NOx pool heater is sold
with a limited factory warranty. Specific details are
described on the back cover of this manual and a
copy of the warranty and warranty registration
card are included with the product. Return the
warranty registration card after filling in the serial
number from the rating plate inside the heater.
Pentair Pool Products' high standards of excellence
include a policy of continuous product improvement
resulting in your state-of-the-art heater. We reserve
the right to make improvements which change the
specifications of the heater without incurring an
obligation to update the current heater equipment.
4. Before entering the spa or hot tub, the user
should check the water temperature with an
accurate thermometer. Spa or hot tub
thermostats may err in regulating water
temperatures by as much as 4° F.
5. Persons with a medical history of heart disease,
circulatory problems, diabetes or blood pressure
problems should obtain their physician's advice
before using spas or hot tubs.
6. Persons taking medication which induce
drowsiness, such as tranquilizers, antihistamines
or anticoagulants should not use spas or hot
Rev. C 11-1-01



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