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Siemens FI24DP31AU Instructions For Use Manual

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Instruction for Use


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Siemens FI24DP31AU

  • Page 1 Instruction for Use FI24DP31AU Freezer...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Table of Contents e n In s t r u c t i o n f o r Us e Safety and warning information ......3 Information concerning disposal ....... 4 Installing the appliance ........4 Ambient temperature and ventilation ....4 Scope of delivery ..........
  • Page 3: Safety And Warning Information

    Do not store products which contain flammable ■ Safety and warning information propellants (e.g. spray cans) or explosive substances in the appliance. Risk of explosion! Do not stand or support yourself on the base, ■ Before you switch ON the appliance drawers or doors, etc.
  • Page 4: Information Concerning Disposal

    Information concerning Installing the appliance disposal Have a technician install and connect the appliance * Disposal of packaging according to the enclosed installation instructions. Transporting The packaging protects your appliance from damage during transit. All utilised materials are environmentally The appliances are heavy and must be secured during safe and recyclable.
  • Page 5: Scope Of Delivery

    Water connection Scope of delivery ã= Caution After unpacking all parts, check for any damage in Connect the appliance to a drinking water line. transit. The water may be connected only by a competent fitter If you have any complaints, please contact the dealer according to the local regulations of the appropriate from whom you purchased the appliance or our water supply company.
  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Getting to know your appliance These operating instructions refer to several models. The diagrams may differ. Light switch Controls Ice maker Ice cube container Shelf in the freezer compartment Container Ventilation Water filter Door shelf Ice and water dispenser Controls for the ice and water dispenser Water collecting tray...
  • Page 7 Controls Setting buttons On/Off button The temperature can be changed using Serves to switch the whole appliance on and off. the setting buttons (see chapter “Setting Ice maker button the temperature”). Serves to switch the ice maker on and off, More settings can be selected in the setup see chapter Ice maker.
  • Page 8: Switching The Appliance On

    Controls for the ice and water dispenser Request water button. Set the language The display languages can be changed according to the table in the chapter Setup mode. Ice cube request button. In order to change the display language: 1. Press setup button. 2.
  • Page 9: Special Functions

    Menus in the setup mode Special functions The following settings can be made. The following special functions can be selected Menu Possible setting or displayed: Temperature unit °C (degrees Celsius) Setup mode °F (degrees Fahrenheit) In Setup mode you can make your personal settings. Language Deutsch Switching on...
  • Page 10: Alarm Function

    Sabbath mode Alarm function When Sabbath mode is switched on, the following settings are switched off: Switching off the warning signal Super freezing (if it is switched on) ■ Press the “alarm” button to switch off the warning Ice maker ■...
  • Page 11: Freezing Fresh Food

    Freezing fresh food Super freezing Freeze fresh and undamaged food only. Food should be frozen solid as quickly as possible in order to retain vitamins, nutritional value, appearance To retain the best possible nutritional value, flavour and and flavour. colour, vegetables should be blanched before freezing. Aubergines, peppers, zucchini and asparagus do not To prevent an undesirable temperature rise when require blanching.
  • Page 12: Ice Maker

    ã= Caution Ice maker Do not place bottles or food in the cube container in order to cool them quickly. The ice maker may block The ice maker makes ice cubes. and be damaged. The ice maker starts to make ice cubes as soon as the appliance has reached the set temperature.
  • Page 13: Water Filter

    ã= Dispensing ice/water Caution After installing a new filter, always discard the ice Select the ice and water dispenser button (water, ■ ■ produced within the first 24 hours after switching on crushed ice or ice cubes). the ice maker. Keep pressing the button until the required quantity ■...
  • Page 14: Specification And Performance Data Sheet

    Note Specification and performance Even though the tests were conducted under standard laboratory conditions, the actual performance may data sheet deviate from these tests. The system was tested and certified on model For filter model: 9000 077 095 9000 077 095 by NSF International with reference to ANSI/NSF Standard 53 for a reduction in cysts Using replacement cartridge: 9000 077 104 and turbidity, as well as with reference to ANSI/NSF...
  • Page 15: Interior Fittings

    Containers in the freezer compartment Interior fittings The containers in the freezer compartment can be taken out for cleaning. Taking out the shelves 1. Lift container slightly and take out. You can reposition the shelves inside the appliance and the door shelves as required. Lift the shelves and remove.
  • Page 16: Switching Off And Disconnecting The Appliance

    Interior fittings Switching off and All variable parts of the appliance can be taken out disconnecting the appliance for cleaning (see chapter Interior fittings). Cleaning the ice cube container Switching the appliance off If ice cubes have not been dispensed for a prolonged period, they will shrink, have a stale taste and stick Press the On/Off button.
  • Page 17: Light (Led)

    Light (LED) Operating noises Your appliance features a maintenance-free LED light. Quite normal noises These lights may be repaired by customer service or authorised technicians only. Droning Motors are running (e.g. refrigerating units, fan). Bubbling, humming or gurgling noises Tips for saving energy Refrigerant is flowing through the tubing or water is flowing into the ice maker.
  • Page 18: Eliminating Minor Faults Yourself

    Eliminating minor faults yourself Before you call customer service: Please check whether you can eliminate the fault yourself based on the following information. Customer service will charge you for advice – even if the appliance is still under guarantee! Appliance Fault Possible cause Remedial action...
  • Page 19 Fault Possible cause Remedial action The ice maker does not make The ice maker is switched off. Switch the ice maker on at the control panel. any ice. The appliance is not supplied with Contact the installer or the water supply water.
  • Page 20: Customer Service

    Customer service Your local customer service can be found in the telephone directory or in the customer-service index. Please provide customer service with the appliance product number (E-Nr.) and production number (FD). These specifications can be found on the rating plate. To prevent unnecessary call-outs, please assist customer service by quoting the product and production numbers.
  • Page 21 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *900079424* 9000729424 en 9112...

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